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Crunch Time: Incorporate Pole and Aerial Classes into Your Fitness Routine

Updated: May 1, 2020

When you think fitness, is pole dancing the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe not, but here at Crunch it is one of our top fitness features and for a great reason. The body is a complex machine that needs a lot of care to maintain health and fitness. No wonder pole and aerial workouts are becoming more popular and part of a needed fitness program, due to the benefits they provide. These benefits include: Becoming more limber, increased strength (especially in your back and abdominal muscles), it’s good for your bones and joints, great for circulation, improves balance, mobility and more. It all sounds like a good idea, but what if you have never tried it before? At Crunch our personal training staff is more than just a staff of educated, fit pros that will teach you how to use the gym floor. These professionals range from general fitness experts, rehab specialists, pre/post natal certified training, nutrition programmers, sports performance conditioning, body composition experts, boxing, cross-fit and professional aerialists! Membership Advisor: I get a lot of new members every day, that really love the concept of pole dancing or lyra (aerial class). They often want to try the class, but because they have not done so before they are not comfortable with the thought of just jumping into it. This is where I will always recommend a 1-on-1 session, with one of our expert elite pole/aerial instructors to teach them proper movements and get them comfortable. Once they do a few sessions, that fear quickly goes away and they never stop this new found fitness love! 

Meet Crunch's elite pole and lyra instructor, Carinne Tator:

“I was born and raised in Paris where I was trained in ballet and multiple styles of dance. In 2008, I first tried a pole class and fell in love with it. This started my career in teaching this sport followed by lyra training and I now I have 3 certifications. My passion of pole and lyra teaching is now at Crunch where I can share and teach others what I love. It is a fun way to improve strength, flexibility, and confidence. And an opportunity to nail down some Cirque du Soleil tricks!”

At Crunch, you are able to discover this creative form of fitness as well as aerial acrobatics, antigravity yoga, take CirqFIT hoop’s classes, including X-Pole which allows you to strengthen core, increase stability, add grace, while dancing in this fun, sexy and artistic platform.

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Word by Tanya Savage