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Crunch South Beach Offers Personalized Training & Innovative COVID-19 Practices to Keep You Safe

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

We have faced many challenges since the spring of 2020. No one is ever prepared to face a pandemic. However, throughout the turmoil, it is gratifying knowing that we have provided an outlet during our city’s time of need. Since the end of March through the beginning of April 2020, Crunch Fitness South Beach has strategically implemented ways to ensure that continual, great membership experiences were maintained.

Electronic communication has been kept up to address potential member concerns while awaiting the unknown. In addition to enhancing member relations, Crunch Fitness went a step further and also helped aid members toward their fitness goals with use of a newly established virtual training program called Lift. Many who were left without a fitness facility or equipment were still able to train virtually with their personal trainers from their very own home with custom-designed workouts made especially for them.

Now that the facility is open, Crunch Fitness South Beach’s staff works tirelessly to ensure that each member is kept safe with an extreme emphasis on cleanliness and social distancing practices. Innovative technology air purifiers have been installed into ventilation systems to help eradicate pathogens. More importantly, members are required to wear masks at all times while various cleaning stations have been placed through the facility and made easily accessible to its members.

Crunch Fitness South Beach has also made some adjustments to its Group Fitness classes. Attendees to each class has been minimized and the entire room has designated markings spaced 6-10 feet apart to ensure social distancing. Moreover, personal trainers are still able to offer the same extraordinary 1-on-1 experiences to members while maintaining proper distance between clients and use of proper protective gear throughout the entire session.

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Though it may be a bit of an adjustment, it is important to me knowing that I work in a facility that is as eager to ensure health and safety to its members as the members are for themselves. As for myself, I like to educate members that fitness not only serves as a tool for health benefits, but it also enhances your mood. Stress hormones known as cortisol are regulated during physical activity by the body’s release of endorphin hormones. Endorphins serve as mood enhancers and help fight off body fat.

With our entire nation experiencing troubling times, the least we can do as healthcare professionals is help our members lose unwanted weight, decrease stubborn body fat, and keep smiles on their faces throughout their visit.

Vino is an U.S. Military Veteran, a certified personal trainer, massage therapist, and a TRX-qualified instructor. Vino has been in the fitness industry for well over 8 years and joined Crunch Fitness as one of its head trainers in the winter of 2019. He has the passion to help you succeed with his innovative and wide range in variety muscle building techniques. Although building muscle is his forte, he also specializes in training ages 14 through 80 who are looking for sport-specific exercises, body fat reduction, or more rehabilitative approaches. If you are in town near the South Beach, Miami area, definitely look up Vino Matthews if you are looking to make physical improvements.


Crunch South Beach | 305-674-8222 |1259 Washington Ave, South Beach, FL 33139

Words by Ralph “Vino” Matthews. Images courtesy of Crunch South Beach


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