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Crunch Time: What Does the New Year Mean to You?

Crunch Time! What does the New Year mean to you?

The arrival of 2019 is a reset for most; it's about creating a better you, improving yourself, your skills, and success! Health, fitness, body fat loss are typically #1 on the majority's list this year and honestly, it should be! You can’t be the best version of yourself nor take the best care of others, if you're not taking good care of your health and fitness.

Fact: Healthy and fit people are happier people. Why? Here are some hints....

-Natural energy

-Self confidence


-Strength to achieve more

-Better moods

-Less stress

-Less likely to catch colds and flus

-Better sleep patterns 

But there are so many more benefits than what’s listed above. Some people just want to be able to keep up with their young ones, some want to be able to carry their groceries without feeling aches and pains, some want to take off that stubborn pregnancy fat, some want to be able to feel great taking their shirt off at the beach. Perhaps, this is the year you're seeking that better job or a promotion (Fact: Business owners look to hire healthy people to reduce chances of absenteeism and look to promote those who are mentally and physically ready to take on heavier loads). Putting your best FIT foot forward does make a difference! You might think you can't afford to take time and exercise, but can you afford not to? Whatever your reason, be part of the only 8% of Americans that actually achieve their goals set at New Years! 

Crunch is the place where fitness meets entertainment, and is known for their awesome classes and name brand equipment!

Here are a few trainers at the South Beach Miami location, who are ready to make your New Year’s resolution a reality:

Lisa Gaylord

I have a wide variety of awesome clients, from pro athletes, extremely busy business men/women, pre- and post-pregnancy Fit Moms... to name a few. I also have an amazing small group training of women over 40, these women are motivated to train for a variety of reasons that don’t always relate to weight loss. A lot of these women are going through the second stages of life, including menopause, divorce, empty nest, and second careers. What we experienced when we were younger were the typical youthful expressions of life, like tight abs, hard butt, skinny thighs. Those things are not typically the focus of the older generation. We’re looking for a way to stay strong and healthy, less competitive, more nurturing. We are not willing to give up the fight to be in the best shape possible, but we have eaten well, trained hard, and are looking to keep what we have. My girls are killing it when we train on the gym floor, along with taking my boot camp classes! They hold their own right alongside 20-year-olds and kick ass! My job as a trainer is to keep raising the bar and setting an example of a strong, healthy lifestyle!

Michael Green

There is not a single person that can’t benefit from added fitness knowledge or help with their goals. In the opening month of the New Year, it is important to lay a proper foundation for healthy living.  Here at Crunch our culture is built towards empowering our clients to be the best possible version of themselves.  As a personal trainer, I feel it's my duty to make each client’s experience challenging, full of actionable knowledge, and fun. I always push my clients to achieve more and love the excitement of seeing them achieve what they set out for! One of my most enjoyable clients (Brant), that I have had the privilege of continuously training, is in his late 70s and I love seeing him work hard and feel like he’s still got it! I aim at programming that will make them feel younger, stronger, and ready for whatever comes their way.  My name is Michael Green and I'm here for you!

This New Year, hold yourself accountable by joining Crunch and their amazing Fit Family. Their class instructors and personal trainers will be here to keep you motivated and accountable. No excuses this year! No matter your age, no matter your goal, choose a better, healthier, fit you this year! Once you start working out and seeing and feeling the change in your body, you will realize that hiring a certified trainer that created a proper program, motivated you, and held you accountable was the best decision you could make. Start working out at Crunch today!

Crunch Fitness South Beach is located at 1259 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. For more information, call 305-674-8222 or visit Crunch.


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