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Covid-19, March 27, 2020

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Effective March 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM, all residents living within the City of Miami are ordered to remain at home from the hours of 10PM - 5AM. All non-essential travel within the City of Miami will not be permitted.

The following are exceptions to the order and are permitted:

  • Anyone seeking medical services.

  • Travel within the City to perform work in support of essential activities and establishments. Approved essential activities and establishments are listed in the Miami Dade County Emergency orders found here.

  • Anyone walking their dog within 250 feet of their home.

Our commitment to the vitality of our businesses remains steadfast. BID staff are engaged in ongoing communication with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Miami Dade County Chamber of Commerce, and the Beacon Council so that we can best guide and support our businesses in their applications for financial support. Please review our resource page for more information on resources for small businesses and employers. Additionally, our friends at the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau have also gathered a list of relief resources.

We launched a new directory of Grove stores available for online sales and ordering. Our website now has specific pages dedicated to directories spotlighting all the ways you can currently support our businesses: delivery and pick-up options from restaurants, virtual and live streaming wellness classes, and ways to shop online from our local retailers.

If you are able to, please stay home. If you are classified as an essential worker doing the daily work to support and keep our community safe, we salute and thank you.

May you be well,

Abigael Mahony

Executive Director


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