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See One Of Three Copa America Matches in Miami This Summer

Updated: Mar 7

Outside of the FIFA World Cup, Copa America is one of the most popular football tournaments in the Americas. South Americans love this soccer masterclass since it allows the local players to showcase their skills. We will see several players in this tournament — including Neymar Jr, Luis Diaz, Darwin Nunez, and more — fighting for ball possession to ultimately win the trophy. In the spirit of accessibility, the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami will host a couple of matches, allowing the US audience a front-row seat to the action. This article explores the stadium’s history, sports to enjoy, fixtures for the tournament, and transport tips for fans.  

Image credit: Ashley Satanosky, via Unsplash

Let’s Look at The History

This stadium has undergone multiple transformations and name updates since it opened its doors in 1987. First known as Joe Robbie Stadium, the name would change a whopping six times until 2016, before it became known as Hard Rock Stadium. This multipurpose stadium caters to just about any sport. Still, it mainly focuses on football, baseball, and soccer, so if you wish to place a soccer bet on any of the matches taking place at Hard Rock, do so because a few major ones are coming up.


Image courtesy of Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium is home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins and has been since the completion of the stadium's construction. It is also home to college side Miami Hurricanes of the University of Miami. Interestingly, throughout its years, Hard Rock has hosted several tournaments, including:

  • Six Super Bowls (XXIII, XXIX, XXXIII, XLI, XLIV, and LIV)

  • 2010 Pro Bowl

  • Two World Series (1997 and 2003)

  • Four BCS National Championship Games (2001, 2005, 2009, and 2013)

  • One CFP National Championship (2021)

  • The second round of the 2009 World Baseball Classic

  • WrestleMania XXVIII

What a diverse range of sports — which makes one realize exactly why the decision was made to host some Copa America at this stadium. 


Hard Rock also hosts the Orange Bowl — an annual college football game — and the Miami Open Tennis tournament — an event that can carry itself! Furthermore, the stadium has played host to many spectacles, including the Miami International Autodrome, which was used as a temporary track for the Miami Formula 1. Besides hosting the Copa America games this year, the stadium is slated to host a slew of matches in the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup.  

Image credit: César Hernández, via Unsplash

Who Are the Resident Teams?

There is a common belief that stadiums are usually dedicated to large and well-supported sports teams, no matter the type of sport. However, the truth is that large stadiums are often the home of multiple teams from different sporting codes. This is precisely what makes visiting these stadiums so interesting. The Hard Rock Stadium is home to the Miami Dolphins football team and the Miami Hurricane college football team. While the focus is football, most sporting codes can be enjoyed here, as discussed in the stadium’s history.


Another exciting factor that ties into resident teams is the stadium's capacity. It can seat just over 65,000 people with a parking capacity of over 26,000. However, there have been record attendees, increasing the capacity to a whopping 80,120 for the 2013 BCS National Championship game. The original capacity was 75,000, but over the years, with upgrades, this dwindled to its current state.  

What Does the Area Look Like?


Miami is a beautiful city surrounded by blue waters and white sandy beaches, abounding with gorgeous people. Much of the city is similar, so you will be surrounded by beauty no matter where you are. The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens is perfectly positioned and surrounded by culture, art, and vibrancy. The stadium is ideally located in a metropolitan area, making it easily accessible via public transport, which is delightful for locals and tourists. 


In the surroundings, you will find a mixture of entertainment and food offerings as well as shopping centers. This again reiterates how prime the stadium’s location is. Once a match is completed, stadium goers can easily find several activities and dining options only mere feet away.  

Transport Options for Visitors

If you are a tourist, chances are you are opting to use public transport or perhaps Uber or Lyft when opting for a game at Hard Rock. If you’re wondering how to get to Hard Rock Stadium, we have some answers. You are in luck because you can choose any of the transport links that would make your journey convenient and accessible. Traveling by car to the stadium is an excellent idea since parking is available on-site; however, if you do not have a car, consider public transport.


Public transport options are available, like buses and even the stadium’s dedicated shuttle service. This complimentary shuttle service operates from Brightline to Aventura Station and departs every 10 minutes. There are also ride-shares and taxis to use. 

Image credit: Ronny Rondon, via Unsplash 

Matches To Look Forward To

There are three fixtures on June 23 and 29, and July 14. The first match will be between Panama and Uruguay, and the second is Argentina versus Peru. On Sunday, July 14, the Hard Rock will host the tournament's final game, which will be one spectacular showdown!

Leveling The Playing Field

The 2024 Copa America is a testament to how soccer is being incorporated across the US. The first true shift has been in the form of America's co-host status in terms of the 2026 FIFA World Cup. More and more US citizens are getting in on the soccer action by attending matches and watching games on TV. This year, they will have the chance to attend any of the three games held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. From being known as Joe Robbie when it first opened its doors in the 80s to being the home base of the Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock is as diverse as they come.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Unsplash


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