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Contemporary Dance Performance ZunZún Children’s Fest

“Miedo come todo… Sueños al vuelo” is a performance that uses the language of contemporary dance in its search for dialogue with the little ones. A bet on living and tangible relationships, on visual stimuli that make the imagination fly, a half-told story with unrecognizable characters that each kid can finish shaping. A definitive invitation to say No! To fear and let dreams fly.

PLEASE NOTE: Before attending, please review updated Health & Safety Measures for indoor performances at Miami-Dade County Auditorium. Bag checks may occur at the lobby doors before entry. Please allow yourself a bit of extra time while planning your trip.



Date: October 7

Time: 7:00 pm





MDCA Mid-Stage Theatre 2901 West Flagler St Miami, FL33135 United States 305-547-5414

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of MDCA


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