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Chotto Matte Invites You to Dystropolis Event on NYE

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Chotto Matte invites you to a special experience – Dystropolis. Expect to enter a world of cosmic dystopia, leaving 2020 behind while entering our bright futuristic Tokyo metropolis in the heart of South Beach. The venue will be hosting an unmissable party from 4 pm until late, so you can dance your way into the New Year to the sounds of futuristic beats by our resident DJ and savor our Nikkei Sharing menus while you sip on cosmic cocktails throughout the night…Plus don’t miss our cyborg queens doing the rounds.

Book your table now and enter the new year with a lavish touch of cosmic lux.

Dress code: Always #comeasyouare with a dash of space-bot cosmic dress up!

Click below to download full menu.

chotto matte menu
Download PDF • 1.75MB

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Chotto Matte.


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