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Chicago Artist Debuts “Poetic Paintings” During Art Basel-Miami

Lisa Kinzelberg, in partnership with Volgesang Gallery, Brussels, will for the first time exhibit her art outside of Chicago to an international audience during Art Basel Miami Week, Dec. 5-10, 2023, at the CONTEXT Art Miami fair, booth A16.

Lisa’s highly textured abstract oil paintings have been described as powerful, universal and “poetic.” A lover of Philosophy, Kinzelberg sees a parallel between her complex layering of paint to an inward feeling of “trying,” a trapped-versus-free-duality of the human condition, producing an aesthetic similar to primitive cave drawings to voice primal feeling and experience.

Coming from a long line of percussionists, she intentionally interrupts lines, sculpts and composes the surface of her canvas, strategically covering and revealing markings to produce a highly evocative composition, color field and texture.

She explains, “I want the raw markings of color in my works to deliver a powerful yet quiet energy, the energy we feel when we are aware of our own consciousness – the “awe” of human being.”

She continues, “I embrace conflict and duality in my work, and in life – the feeling of beauty and truth in pain or ugliness, light in darkness. My art is crying and vulnerable, yet triumphant.”

Kinzelberg’s work is currently exhibited at Virgil Catherine Gallery in Hinsdale, Illinois, and is part of private collections around the U.S. She was recently featured in The North Shore Weekend; Hinsdale Living; on the cover of Sheridan Road Magazine; as well as in North Shore Modern Luxury Magazine as a "local influencer."

Representing an international group of established and upcoming artists, Vogelsang Gallery is a contemporary Art Gallery based in Brussels, Belgium. Vogelsang Gallery's main focus is discovering and representing their artists to a mature audience. Vogelsang Gallery also generates a continuous and culturally relevant dialogue with art enthusiasts and private collectors by surfacing and connecting them to exciting and innovative artistic talent.

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By ML staff. Image courtesy of Lisa Kinzelberg.


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