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Chapter 2 Welcomes Dopamine - Streetwear's Web3 Revolution During Art Basel

Bringing Streetwear+ to consumers, Dopamine (@dopamine) presents an official Dopamine Takeover Pop-Up Store at Art Basel Miami. With an open bar, music, and taco truck; the company brings the global gathering's attendees on December 1st from 12pm-10pm to 174 NW 26 Street, Miami FL 33127. The all day event features physical and digital collab merchandise from including ThankYouX, Fvckrender, Nouns DAO, KidSuper, not to mention support from partners and advisors including Bobby Hundreds, Steve Aoki, David Grutman, Warren Lotus, and pplpleasr. In bringing together the art and fashion community, female founder & CEO RarityJan and Dopamine provide a real world example of their revolutionary approach to connected streetwear.

We’re proud to welcome Dopamine (@dopamine) and their blockchain-powered streetwear technology the “Dopamine Tab” to the Chapter 2 family. Dopamine sits at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, providing utility and technology that truly unlocks the interactive power of phygital creation. As fashion brands make their way into the metaverse, the problem of execution presents itself, a problem that Dopamine has solved. With their unique Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) philosophy and supporting hardware, they are primed and ready to guide designers and fashionistas alike into the Web3 world, ushering NFTs into more mainstream pop culture

Dedicated to the customer experience, Dopamine ensures that neither the brand nor the consumer needs to be well-versed or well-informed in the NFT world. Rather, they use streamlined approaches to empower people to seamlessly integrate between physical and digital. Thanks to their Dopamine Tab, a physical cryptogenic NFC chip embedded in the apparel, each item of clothing becomes a verified Web3 custodial wallet, essentially allowing streetwear brands to plug-and-play into the metaverse. With each chip, the item not only becomes a wallet capable of storing NFTs–whether they be digital art, soundtracks, VIP access, or events to name a few–but also stores the NFT version of that particular piece of apparel.

The integration of the Dopamine Tab allows for on-chain authentication of apparel, bringing the most coveted aspects of Blockchain technology to everyday wear. This extends beyond the chip to a 3D wardrobe, 3D metaverse shopping experience, and even an app that can easily guide users into the world of metaverse fashion.

With this approach, Dopamine defines Streetwear+–meaning streetwear plus experiences–guiding the future of fashion towards an expanded experience beyond a standalone physical item. The female-owned company presents a proven method of integration, and guides companies through each step, creating a launch pad for Web3 innovation.

More on Dopamine

Dopamine, led by female Founder & CEO RarityJan, is a one-stop-shop fashion, streetwear brand and creative agency that provides tangible utility that consumers can benefit from immediately by utilizing emerging technology through the creation of their NFC chip, entitled The Dopamine Tab, embedded apparel called "Streetwear+". As Dopamine utilizes ever-growing emerging technologies and eradicates complexities for consumers, the team has reinvented how customers authenticate apparel and identify information regarding their assets while aiding brands in delighting, and growing their community of superfans.

Instagram: @dopaminexyz_

Twitter: @dopamine

Discord: @dopamine

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Dopamine


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