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Celebrity Photographer David LaChapelle to Open Exhibition in Miami

Internationally acclaimed photographer David LaChapelle announced his new exhibition opening at VISU Contemporary in Miami. The collection, titled “David LaChapelle: Happy Together” curated by VISU Contemporary gallery owners Bruce Halpryn and Blake Pearson, will be on display from January 26 through March 2, 2024, and will feature a selection of over 30 significant photographs from the artist’s career from 1985 to the present, including the premiere of a new work.  

Photo Credit: David LaChapelle, An Image of Some Bright Eternity, Los Angeles, 2002, Courtesy of VISU Contemporary

Highlights of the exhibition include: Archangel Uriel (1985), one of LaChapelle’s earliest figurative works displaying a stoic cherub resting on the overlook of a great forest; My Own Marilyn (2002), which presents the artist’s muse Amanda Lepore in an homage to Warhol’s Shot Sage Blue (1964); After the Deluge: Museum (2007), where LaChapelle reminds us that human survival cannot be separated from nature while precious objects are as temporary as our climate; Spree (2019-2020), inspired by accounts of Shackleton’s Trans-Antarctic Expedition, which finds a colossal mega cruise ship frozen in time within a vast, icy landscape; Behold (2015), representing LaChapelle’s ability to reimagine Old World ideas and aesthetics with painterly effect through photography; and Revelations (2019), inspired by the biblical book of the same name.

LaChapelle’s newest work, Three Graces (male) (2023), inspired by Raphael’s master painting The Three Graces (1503-1505), will also be on view. 

“We are thrilled to present David LaChapelle’s first-ever solo exhibition on Miami Beach,” said Bruce Halpryn, co-owner and co-curator of VISU Contemporary. “This curation reveals an exciting range of themes while highlighting the artist’s distinct ability to create thought-provoking narratives.  Many of the iconic works on view have become a mirror of the time we live in, while also providing a glimpse into the future.”

To celebrate the introduction of LaChapelle’s presence in Miami, the artist will be present for the exhibition opening on January 26 from 7-9 p.m.

“Since we founded VISU Contemporary our vision has been to create a New York style gallery in Miami Beach with enthralling exhibits aiming to nourish souls, our community and artists—year-round,” said Blake Pearson, co-owner and co-curator of VISU Contemporary. “It’s such an honor to welcome David LaChapelle who we’ve revered as an artist for much of our lives.”

LaChapelle has photographed some of the most recognizable figures in film, music, art, politics and sports, including Aaliyah, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Andy Warhol, Britney Spears, Cher, Christina Aguilera, David Beckham, David Bowie, Doja Cat, Dolly Parton, Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Muhammed Ali, Naomi Campbell, Nicki Minaj, Tupac Shakur, Whitney Houston and many others.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of VISU Contemporary/David LaChapelle


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