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Celebration of National Financial Literacy Month, OneUnited Bank Announces 12th Annual -I Got Bank!

Updated: May 22, 2022

In celebration of National Financial Literacy Month, One United Bank, the nation’s largest black-owned bank, is proud to announce its 12th Annual “I Got Bank!” National Financial Literacy Contest where ten children will win a $1,000 savings account. To make financial literacy a core value of the Black community, the Bank is offering a free “I Got Bank” E-Book.

Students from across the country between the ages of 8 and 12 are encouraged to read a financial literacy book of their choosing, and either write a 250-word essay or create an art project to show how they would apply what they learned from the book to their daily lives. Submissions must be emailed or postmarked by June 30, 2022. The Bank will choose ten winners and award each winner a $1,000 savings account at One United Bank by August 31, 2022. For more information, please visit:

Teri Williams, One United Bank President and author of “I Got Bank! What My Granddad Taught Me About Money, wrote the book when she found that there weren’t enough books geared toward educating urban youth about finances. “In 2022, we launched the One Transaction Podcast to encourage our community to focus on one transaction to close the wealth gap for their family,” states Ms. Williams. “Our contest and free e-book encourage families to teach their children how to build wealth and make financial literacy a core value in the Black community!”

The 2021 winners are Travis Brown, 8, Hialeah, FL, Gilana Freeman, 12, Dallas, TX, Ariel Hartman, 10, Tamarac, FL, Amel Johns, 12, Washington, DC, Jackson Lennox, 12, Sunrise, FL, Aziza McKay, 10, Dorchester, MA, Ada Nazneen, 10, Rocklin, CA, Kylie Thurman, 9, Miami, FL, Shalena Prakash, 11, Duarte, CA, Christian Turner, 9, Los Angeles, CA.

“I Got Bank! What My Granddad Taught Me About Money” is published by The Beckham Publications Group, Inc. (Beckhamhouse). For more information about the official contest rules, please visit:

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of One United Bank. Top image courtesy of Unsplash


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