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Celebrating 50 Years of Gucci Swiss Timepieces

Gucci presents its second high watchmaking collection at the Gucci Wonderland event in Geneva. The mood of this kaleidoscopic collection is inspired by a magical fairground, where the most refined watchmaking complications appear alongside rainbow-like gems and celestial wonders. Entering this enchanted universe is like being catapulted onto a thrilling series of roller-coaster rides.

The Florentine luxury house unveils its second high watchmaking collection at Gucci wonderland


Gucci presents new diamond-set additions to its family of G-TIMELESS DANCING BEES tourbillon timepieces featuring 12 bees shimmering around the diamond-set dial as the wrist moves. Each G-TIMELESS DANCING BEES marquetry edition is presented either in white-gold and yellow-gold bracelet or in alligator straps variations.


Gucci takes the carnival of time to the skies with the G-TIMELESS MOONLIGHT. On the dial, a beautifully decorated moon waxes from gleaming silver crescent to pearlescent whole before beginning its celestial journey all over again. It is presented in pink gold and white gold, with a natural meteorite dial, where fairground planets spin and stellar diamonds shine.


A pioneering addition to the high watchmaking genre, with its halo of 12 princess-set gemstones circling the dial, the G-TIMELESS PLANETARIUM shines a precious light on time’s ever-changing view. It also conceals a show stopping power: the gem-set wheel is activated at the touch of a button, rotating around the dial in a gala of light. The G-TIMELESS PLANETARIUM is offered in white, rose, or yellow-gold variations with its rotating wheel of green tsavorite, blue tanzanite, or yellow beryl gemstones.


Gucci added two vivid mint green variations to its signature Grip Sapphire mechanical collection. The transparent, cushion-shaped watch case is expertly cut from a cylinder of pure sapphire crystal using a specialist machine. Two mint green Grip iterations are offered, each with a transparent caseback. The first sports two laser-cut turquoise hours and minutes discs for tone-on-tone modernity, while the other showcases mauve-pink discs. Each design is fitted with a transparent mint-green rubber strap and sapphire crown.


With its sleek, 8mm-thick case and captivating see-through dial, the GUCCI 25H SKELETON TOURBILLON arrives with a new Gucci exclusive caliber flying tourbillon. Created in 100% recycled gold – in white and yellow bracelet variations – and in slate-grey titanium with a rubber strap, the GUCCI 25H SKELETON TOURBILLON becomes a retro-futuristic time machine for the wrist.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gucci.


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