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Celebrate Black History Month at MOCA North Miami

Updated: Feb 15

Currently on February 18 in MOCA’s outdoor pavilion, Miami-based artist Chris Friday's large-scale installation Narcissist reimagines the portrayal of Black bodies in institutional spaces. As a highlight of the museum’s Art on the Plaza series, the installation features a young Black woman in a state of self-reflection. Through this piece, Friday confronts historical misrepresentations of Black art, prompting viewers to reassess their perceptions and societal norms.

Opening February 23, Alexandra Fields O’Neale presents Bound//Unbound as part of MOCA's Welcome To Paradise program. This immersive installation uses sonic narratives to depict the experience of transatlantic enslavement and the quest for freedom via the saltwater railroads to the Bahamas. The work explores Miami's significance in this historical context while delving into local history. Within the installation, visitors can journey between two structures symbolizing enslavement and freedom, experiencing atmospheric and sonic transformations. A site-specific soundscape, narrated by the ocean, serves as a historical conduit, echoing the stories and struggles of enslaved individuals lost at sea.

Additionally, Jamea Richmond-Edwards’ exhibition, Ancient Future will remain on view through March 17. Spanning large-scale assemblages and immersive new installations, the exhibition will explore the realms of Afro-futurism and mythologies through the lens of the rising artist’s bespoke visual idiom.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Black History Month


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