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Carnets d’Equateur Collection by Hermès

Jaguars, macaws, panthers and impalas frolic through lush natural settings under the watchful eye of naturalist and painter Robert Dallet. This porcelain collection breathes new life into the full range of the artist’s work, from spontaneous sketches to hyperrealist gouache paintings.

Carnets d’Equateur Dessert Plate

Dessert plate in porcelain with Lion theme

8.3” diameter, $155

Carnets d’Equateur Cereal Bowl

Cereal bowl in porcelain

6.5” diameter, $225

Carnets d’Equateur Soup Plate

Soup plate in porcelain

8.9” diameter, $225

Carnets d’Equateur Gold Bowl

Bowl with Bird theme in porcelain

3.7” diameter, $475

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Hermès


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