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Injury Strikes: Carlos Alcaraz Forced to Withdraw from Rio Open

Unfortunately, the main favorite for the title, the Spanish Carlos Alcaraz, was forced to withdraw from the Rio Open presented by Claro after sustaining an injury during his match against Thiago Monteiro on Tuesday night at Quadra Guga Kuerten. As a result, Thiago Monteiro and Felipe Meligeni are set to engage in a Brazilian showdown in the round of 16 of South America's premier tournament.

Alcaraz injured his foot early in the match, attempting to soldier on for two games before ultimately deciding to retire. Speaking at a press conference, he attributed his withdrawal to bad luck.

"I landed awkwardly while changing direction and fell. It's unfortunate because I had high hopes for this tournament, where I usually perform well. It's disappointing not to finish a match like this, but these things happen," Alcaraz remarked.

Expressing regret over his opponent's misfortune, Thiago Monteiro, who now faces Felipe Meligeni in the round of 16, extended his best wishes for Alcaraz's swift recovery.

"I hope he recovers quickly. He's a significant figure in tennis, always expected to excel in every tournament, particularly among the new generation on the circuit. It's disheartening to see someone's performance cut short due to injury, so I sincerely wish Carlitos a speedy recovery," Monteiro stated.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Rio Open/Jumphoto

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