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Carapelli Olive Oils: 125 Years of Olive Oil Artistry

Updated: May 18, 2020

The century-old Italian brand has moved with the times, introducing wholly organic products and planning much more for Miami’s health-conscious consumers. A brand of premium yet affordable olive oil, built on more than a century of tradition, Carapelli is enjoyed by consumers around the world. Found in homes across Miami, it’s trusted for the high quality and great taste to which Carapelli has always been unwaveringly committed. These are the attributes that have made Carapelli the number one brand of premium extra virgin olive oil in the world.

The brand is equally proud of its history, having celebrated its 125th anniversary last year. The intervening years have witnessed its rise from the nourishing soil of Tuscany to global acclaim for its multi-award-winning array of fine products.  The bottle Carapelli comes in is nothing short of a work of art, designed to be admired while perched on kitchen counters and dining tables, the oil waiting to be drizzled tantalizingly over salads and meats or used as a delicious dip for bread and as a general condiment guaranteed to enhance flavor.

In response to increasing demand for organic food, particularly in the United States, Carapelli created Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made from 100%-organic extra virgin olive oils and imbued with characterful flavors and aromas.

Newlyweds Cesira and Costantino Carapelli founded the brand as a home business in Florence, Italy, in 1893, investing her dowry in a factory and oil mill. Word of its great taste and quality spread, and by the 1940s Carapelli was the most modern food company in Italy. 

Crafted in the heart of Tuscany to this day, Carapelli continues making the best range of extra virgin olive oils by combining time-tested knowledge with contemporary ideas. “At Carapelli, making olive oil is not just a process, but an art form,” says Miguel de Jaime. “And, to ensure unmatched quality and flavor, it all comes down to the olives selected at the optimal harvest time by an olive master and treated with the utmost care to ensure that the resulting oils have the most incredible flavor profiles.”

The brand, which earned eight honors in 2018 alone for outstanding olive oils, including at prestigious competitions in Paris, London, New York, and Japan, credits its century of success to age-old wisdom as well as a readiness to evolve constantly to meet the needs of its consumers. 

An example of the latter is the iconic striped bottle, whose aesthetic design was inspired by the olive oil’s Tuscan origins but whose practical benefits include the easier grip on the ribbed glass, an anti-drip spout, a hermetically-sealed cap that better conserves the oil, and the dark glass that shields the contents from UV radiation.

“We are humbled to see how our historic brand Carapelli is recognized and embraced by consumers around the world,” says Miguel de Jaime. “This is truly an artisan product that we trust will be delighting fans for another 125 years to come.

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