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Capelle Miami Debuts at Miami Swim Week

Capelle Miami, a brand synonymous with luxury, made their grand debut at the 2024 Miami Swim Week Fashion Show. The brands curated collections of men's swimwear are designed with an eye for quality, style, and exclusivity.

This year's Miami Swim Week was particularly special, as it marked a decade of celebrating swim fashion in the heart of Miami. Among the many highlights was Capelle Miami's show, which closed the week at M2 in South Beach.

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Capelle Miami, known for its luxurious and comfortable designs, partnered with Art Hearts Fashion to deliver a memorable show. Art Hearts Fashion is renowned for its dedication to supporting creative talents in the fashion industry, and their collaboration with Capelle Miami exemplified this commitment. The event featured numerous successful brands from around the globe, but Capelle Miami's presentation stood out with its 27 best-selling designs from their 2024 collection.

Antonio Rojas, the designer and CEO of Capelle Miami, expressed his enthusiasm about the event. “Our collections Italic and Paradis drew inspiration from high fashion runways to create a fusion of comfortable luxury pieces with today’s trends for the modern man,” Rojas explained.

His vision for the brand is to blend high fashion with comfort, making luxury pieces accessible and wearable for everyday life. “It was a pleasure to collaborate with the Art Hearts team to put on such a creative and vibrant show,” he added.

Image courtesy of Ivan Brun

Capelle Miami's presence at Miami Swim Week is a testament to their growing influence in the fashion industry. The brand's dedication to quality, innovation, and inclusivity has earned them a spot among the top swimwear brands globally. Their participation in this paramount event not only highlights their latest collections but also reinforces their commitment to designing for the modern man.

Paradis is a colorful and vibrant collection with daring motifs for the more fashion forward man.

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While Italic, is a more subtle collection of neutral tones and understated prints for everyday wear.

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Looking ahead, Capelle Miami is set to continue making waves in the fashion world. Their participation in future Miami Swim Weeks is eagerly anticipated, as they join the globally renowned roster of brands that have made this event a must-attend on the fashion calendar. With each collection, Capelle Miami aims to push the boundaries of swimwear design, bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives to the industry.

Capelle Miami founder and CEO, Antonio Rojas (image courtesy of Ivan Brun)

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