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Cannabis Operator Cresco Labs Brings Bestselling Flagship Brand, Cresco, to Florida

Cresco Labs, a vertically integrated multistate operator and the number one U.S. wholesaler of branded cannabis products, today announced the Florida expansion of its premium flagship brand, Cresco. Now available for purchase at the company’s 19 Sunnyside stores throughout the state, Cresco launches with its multi-market leading Liquid Live Resin (“LLR”) vapes and Live Resin concentrates.

“Florida’s medical patients use cannabis regularly for their diverse health and wellness needs and gravitate towards premium branded products for their high quality, consistent experiences,” said Cris Rivera, Florida Regional President at Cresco Labs. “Cresco’s Liquid Live Resin vapes and Live Resin concentrates will not only offer top quality, repeatedly favorable experiences, but also will provide our patients with the confidence and assurance that they are consuming trusted, safe cannabis products with nothing added or taken away from a single strain. With the addition of Cresco to Sunnyside’s brand assortment, we’re excited to give our patients more choice in vape and concentrate forms across price points, potencies, flavor profiles, strains and more.”

Throughout September and the coming months, the following Cresco products will be available exclusively at Sunnyside:

  • Liquid Live Resin Vape Cartridges: Cresco’s LLR for vaping is unique and fundamentally different from other vapes in the market today. Cresco Labs uses a patented Butane Hash Oil (BHO) post-extraction process that starts with a single strain harvested and extracted at peak freshness and results in the preservation of the strain’s original full-spectrum effects, flavor and terpenes. Nothing is added or taken away. It’s pure cannabis, and nothing else. Available now in 500mg for $55 and soon in 1g for $95.

  • Live Resin Concentrates: Utilizing the same BHO extraction process as LLR from premium, fresh-frozen flower without artificial flavors or fillers. Cresco’s Live Resin Budder, Sugar and Sauce forms are for dabbing. They are strain-specific, robust in flavor and aroma, potent and capture the complexity of the plant. Consistency is the main difference among the four forms.

    • Budder: A smooth and creamy texture like peanut butter. Available now in 1g for $65.

    • Sugar: A shimmering, crystalline consistency like thick sugar or raw honey. Available now in 1g for $65.

    • Sauce: A syrupy, liquid consistency with granular crystals that is high in terpenes. Available soon in 1g for $65.

    • THCa Crushed Diamonds: Brand-new to Cresco’s portfolio, a potent concentrate that is similar in appearance to diamonds with solid crystalline structures. Available soon in 1g for $65.

Cresco’s LLR is the No. 1 bestselling vape cart in Illinois and Pennsylvania. Its Live Resin concentrates are No. 1 in Pennsylvania and No. 2 in Illinois, as of the most recent data from the second quarter of 2022 according to BDS Analytics, a cannabis data company.

At Sunnyside, patients have access to one of the widest selections of products from Cresco Labs’ One Plant, Supply, Good News, Remedi, Sunnyside Chews and now Cresco brands.

In Florida, Cresco Labs operates 19 Sunnyside stores in: Avon Park, Bonita Springs, Boynton Beach, Cape Coral, Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville Beach, Lady Lake, North Miami, Ocala, Oakland Park, Orlando (Fern Park), Panama City Beach, Pensacola, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee and Tampa.

For more information about Sunnyside or to place online orders, visit To learn more about Cresco, visit

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Cresco


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