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Gin Expedition: Cambridge Distillery's Tribute to Darwin's Legacy

Updated: Apr 23

Cambridge Distillery, in a remarkable collaboration with Cambridge University Botanic Garden, has unveiled its latest creation, Darwin Collection Gin: Americas Herbarium. This release marks a celebration of botanical exploration and pays homage to Charles Darwin's groundbreaking legacy.

Inspired by Darwin's iconic journey aboard the HMS Beagle, this gin captures the spirit of adventure and curiosity that defined his expedition. Carefully curated from meticulously sourced botanicals, including juniper, cinnamon leaf, barberry, wild strawberry, and baccharis magellanica, the blend traces its origins back to the historical depths of the Cambridge University Herbarium.

Under the guidance of esteemed curator Professor Sam Brockington, Cambridge Distillery's team expertly paired botanical specimens from the Herbarium with equivalent ones from the renowned Cambridge University Botanic Garden, designed by Darwin's mentor, John Stevens Henslow. This collaboration resulted in an exquisite blend that vividly represents the vibrant tapestry of Darwin's South American expedition.

Master Distiller and Co-Founder of Cambridge Distillery, William Lowe MW, expressed his awe at the opportunity to work with Darwin's hand-collected samples. He noted the significance of translating some part of Darwin's voyage into the medium of flavor, calling it a career highlight.

The limited-edition Darwin Collection Gin: Americas Herbarium is not only a testament to Darwin's enduring legacy but also a unique gift for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. With its rich history, meticulous craftsmanship, and exquisite flavor profile, it stands as a remarkable addition to any collection.

To learn more visit Cambridge Distillery's website.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Cambridge Distillery


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