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Cadena International Aids Millions Worldwide Affected by COVID-19

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a small non-profit in South Florida has been working with the world’s top brands, philanthropic organizations, and volunteer groups to bring assistance to millions of people in the most affected communities around the world. 

CADENA International, an inclusive prevention-focused global network committed to providing disaster-relief to vulnerable populations worldwide, has aided over 1.4 million people in COVID-19-affected regions since March by providing:

  • 13,039 meals

  • 10,800 basic necessities

  • 17,686 COVID-19 health personnel kits

  • 77,305 COVID-19 protection articles and more

And the work is just getting started. CADENA International will also distribute over 100,000 surgical masks to Latin American countries whose communities have been greatly affected by COVID-19. More than 10,000 masks will be hand-delivered by employees and volunteers from CADENA to hospitals and healthcare centers in each country, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico. 

Utilizing the resources of the Jewish Diaspora and multinational corporations, CADENA, and its allies have carried over 350 missions in 20 countries as of March 2020. For more information on CADENA, please visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of CADENA International.


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