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Breast Medical Oncology Physicians at Memorial Cancer Institute Recognized for Positive Impact on Patients

The relationship between oncologists and cancer patients is one forged over months and years, during some of the most trying times an individual can experience. While clinical expertise is the most obvious asset a physician can bring, truly exceptional doctors also make emotional and spiritual connections that help patients navigate their cancer journey.

The Pink Angels

The Pink Angels of the Memorial Foundation know this better than most, since each of its members has had or currently has breast cancer. The volunteer group, citing the compassion, empathy, and determination of medical oncology physicians at Memorial Cancer Institute, presented its 2023 Pink Angel Award to Drs. Marcelo Blaya, Aurelio Castrellon, Alejandra Ergle, Delia Guaqueta Segura, and Adriana Milillo Naraine.  The recognition took place at the “Touch of Pink” fundraiser at DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, which raised more than $225,000 to provide programs and services for breast cancer patients and families in the Memorial Healthcare System.

Meredith Feinberg

Drs. Alejandra Ergle, Marcelo Blaya, Delia Guaqueta Segura, and Aurelio Castrellon

Connie Zarrillo, Erica Bloomquist, Heather Wright, Kelly King, Lara Scrimenti, Eddie Monterrosa


“The breast cancer journey can be a long and arduous one, but these physicians have continually demonstrated not only their clinical excellence, but their humanity as well,” said Lucy Miccio and Ruth Papuchis co-chairs of the “Touch of Pink” event. “It was an honor for us to recognize their significant contributions to all our journeys.”

Ruth Papuchis, Lucy Miccio

Babette Kosar, Denise and Peter Wittich

The Khani Family


100% of the money raised for the Pink Angels Fund benefits cancer patients and families. The group has previously underwritten the costs of image recovery services, health and survivorship initiatives, mammogram screening, nutrition counseling, and emergency patient assistance, just a few of the many programs and services they have financed.  

The Pink Angels 2


The Pink Angels are part of the nonprofit Memorial Foundation, which raises funds through philanthropy to assist patients, families, and to underwrite the cost of programs, facilities, and equipment within the Memorial Healthcare System.


To learn more, call 954.265.6438 or visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of The Memorial Foundation



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