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Brandon Delsid's Odyssey into Hollywood: Championing Diversity and Purpose

Stepping into the limelight with both talent and purpose, Brandon Delsid embodies the essence of diversity and passion in Hollywood. As a Latinx actor hailing from Fresno, California, Brandon's journey from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC to the silver screen has been nothing short of inspiring. His upcoming role in Amazon Prime's 'This is Me…Now,' where he shares the screen with the iconic Jennifer Lopez, marks another milestone in his flourishing career. But Brandon is no stranger to the spotlight, having already left his mark on hit series like 'New Amsterdam' and 'The Date Whisperer.'

Beyond his acting prowess, Brandon's versatility shines through as a pianist, singer, and fashion enthusiast, making waves both on and off the stage. Yet, it's his unwavering commitment to LGBTQIA+ rights and environmental activism that truly sets him apart. As he champions for genuine representation and safe spaces for queer individuals, Brandon's advocacy echoes through his every performance, resonating with authenticity and purpose.  In this exclusive interview with Miami Living Magazine, Brandon shares insights into his craft, his passions, and the meaningful connections that drive his remarkable journey in the entertainment industry.

Miami Living (ML): Brandon, your journey from Fresno to the bright lights of New York City and now the Hollywood hub of Los Angeles is truly impressive. How has your upbringing and diverse experiences influenced the roles you choose and the stories you're passionate about telling as an actor?

Brandon Delsid: I feel so lucky at this moment for everything in my life. Grateful everything happened the way it did. I believe it had to all happen, the good, the bad and the wild. Leaving home wasn't easy. I felt something calling me forward though. You have to get in tune with that voice inside of yourself. Befriend it. I feel so lucky that I grew up in a town like Fresno, CA that had such a wealth of community theater. That was my training ground. It got me ready. It prepared me. I look for roles now that amplify LGBTQIA and diverse roles. Roles that will create visibility for my communities. Visibility is everything. If you can see it, you can be it. I'm over the moon excited to continue that mission and dream. 


ML: From navigating the medical drama of 'New Amsterdam' to the romantic comedy of 'The Date Whisperer,' and even the Off-Broadway premiere of 'The Big Bang Theory Musical,' your career has spanned a wide range of genres and platforms. Could you take us behind the scenes and share what excites you about diving into diverse projects and characters?

Brandon: I think as an actor it all builds on itself. It's all connected, and I'm finally realizing that. I got to play queer characters in all three of those projects and I'm seeing in retrospect how they got me ready to play 'The Lover' in 'This is Me…Now'. I get excited by bringing characters to life and finding the truths and unique quirks each one has. I love stories where queer characters are just existing and thriving and for the most part all of these stories showcase that. However, in 'This is Me…Now' my character is much more fleshed out. I think you get a true beginning, middle and end with my journey with Jennifer. You see us help her, you see the drama, and then we ultimately get to a place of love with nothing but bright hopes for the future. It's a love letter in itself.

ML: Your upcoming role in ‘This is Me…Now’ alongside Jennifer Lopez is incredibly exciting.  Can you share with us a bit about your character and what it was like working on this project?

Brandon: I have to say I think The Lover brings a lot of fabulousness and love to the film. Although I'm biased. I try to bring light and positivity wherever I go and definitely a bit of a sparkle. My mom says I used to throw glitter everywhere I'd go. Where did I get it from? I was so drawn in by the epic world Jennifer was aiming to create. We're talking Dune meets Moulin Rouge. She's always been a trendsetter but this one really is a redefining moment for cinema and musical movies as a whole. I get to play Jennifer's gay best friend and be a part of her Greek chorus in a way. I try to guide her down the right path and away from heartbreak. Working with Jennifer was a dream. I'll never forget how kind she was to me. She created a really playful space to improvise during scenes. She has such a special and sweet way about her that is so uniquely and fabulously her. She's everything you'd hope she'd be. Kind, attentive, hardworking, and glamorous. But above all, her passion and playfulness are top. 

ML:  As an actor who identifies proudly as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, you've spoken about the importance of authentic representation in film and television. Can you share a specific instance where you felt particularly empowered by a character's portrayal or storyline related to the LGBTQIA+ community, and how it resonated with you personally?

Brandon: It's why I do what I do. I always think about growing up as a young boy in Fresno, CA and how much it meant to me when I'd see gay characters on screen. It made me feel seen. It made me smile. It made me feel included. It might be why I am where I am today. I was so inspired by them. I think a lot about Ugly Betty and how I'd watch it secretly under the covers. I loved the queer characters in it just simply existing. I'd never seen that before then. There are so many pioneers who came before me who kicked open the door for me to be able to play JLo's gay best friend in 2024. I want to consciously choose work that moves the needle forward for my community. The industry wants to put us all in boxes, but I say burn the boxes, rip them up. Create your own narrative. 


ML: If you could play any role, regardless of gender or genre, what would it be and why does it resonate with you?

Brandon: I've always been inspired by women. Powerful and glamorous women. Cue Jennifer Lopez. I think of Jessica Lange in the first season of American Horror Story. What an incredible actress and what a role. She's so present and powerful. I'd love to play a role like that. She's sort of a wild Hollywood character that is part glamour and part urban legend. You don't know where the fantasy ends and she begins. Sort of an eccentric larger than life character with a twinkle in her eye and a dash of glam. Timeless and always in style. Born timeless. 

ML: We've heard about your dedication to environmental causes, particularly those related to global warming. Could you tell us more about why this cause is important to you and any initiatives you're involved with?

Brandon: I try to be as involved as I can be with local charities and initiatives for both LGBTQIA rights and Environmental Causes. I think people tend to turn a blind eye to things that they believe don't have to do with them. We have to be active in life. If you're not active, what are you doing? I believe we have one planet and we need to treat her and her inhabitants with respect and softness. I truly believe the most powerful thing we can do is vote. Vote for people who support your interests. Vote, vote, vote. Vote for people who support our planet's welfare and LGBQTIA rights. It's a superpower and a privilege to be able to vote for the things that matter to you. Don't throw it away. We're coming up on a big election and it's arguably more important than ever. 

ML: When you're not busy with work or activism, how do you like to unwind and recharge?

Brandon: It's something I'm still learning. It should be easier though. I heard something recently about how life is about becoming an expert on yourself. Learning your likes and dislikes. I know I like an old "I Love Lucy" episode. I know I like a bubble bath. I know I like ranch dressing. You get the idea. Find your happy triggers. Those are all things I can do to immediately boost my mood. What brings you joy? I try to exercise daily even legitimately if it's just 7 minutes. It counts. I try to celebrate all the little wins. Besides that, I'm a big advocate for rest and alone time. My partner Grant and I will schedule in our alone time and give each other space. Find time to recharge and do nothing. Binge your favorite TV show. Work Hard, Rest Hard. 

ML: Finally, with "This is Me…Now" premiering this month, fans have been eagerly anticipating its release. How do you personally connect with the themes of self-discovery and healing portrayed in the film, and what message do you hope viewers take away after watching your performance?

Brandon: It's a never-ending journey. You don't reach an end spot. I'm always working on getting to know myself more every day. I hope people leave falling in love with themselves. Loving others and loving your partner is amazing, but I hope people leave this loving themselves more than ever. Radical self-love for yourself. You will be with yourself through your whole life. Make it a good, solid relationship. I think JLo's journey in this film all centers back to that, truly loving yourself through the whole wild ride of life. You deserve it. 

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