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Bolide Unleashed: Bugatti’s Track-Only Symphony of Power

Introducing the Bolide, Bugatti’s latest track-only hypercar, meticulously crafted around the renowned W16 engine. This exceptional vehicle exemplifies Bugatti’s commitment to automotive innovation, seamlessly blending the W16’s power with a lightweight, daring aesthetic.

The Bolide’s racing prowess is evident in its design, with the W16 engine optimized for the racetrack. Turbochargers and lubrication systems are fine-tuned to endure high temperatures and forces, unleashing the iconic engine’s full power. The result is a symphony of power, with de-throttled intake and exhaust systems creating a new soundtrack for the W16.

Technical considerations seamlessly translate into the Bolide’s aesthetic design, boasting provocative proportions that embody Bugatti’s “Form follows performance” ethos. The carbon monocoque, wrapped around the compact drive-train, contributes to extreme aerodynamic effectiveness and signifies liberation from unnecessary weight.

Achieving remarkable downforce, the Bolide showcases groundbreaking aerodynamics, uncompromising design, and a low center of gravity. This ultra-light vehicle, capable of mastering extreme cornering speeds, harnesses nearly three tons of downforce. The front diffuser, air curtains, and underfloor work in unison to create a suction effect while minimizing drag, demonstrating Bugatti’s aerodynamic mastery.

The Bolide’s cockpit transports one to a sport prototype ambiance inspired by LMP1 race cars, reflecting Bugatti’s focus on performance and functionality. With a state-of-the-art push-rod suspension architecture, the Bolide ensures a thrilling and responsive driving experience, mirroring the handling dynamics of an LMP1 race car.

In the braking realm, the Bolide draws inspiration from Formula 1, employing ceramic disks and pads for deceleration. Lightweight calipers with dedicated cooling ducts push the boundaries of performance and innovation. The Bolide is not just a hypercar; it is a remarkable fusion of power, aerodynamics, and precision engineering, redefining track limits.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Bugatti


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