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Blue Topaz Swimwear Created a Vibrant Celebration!

Blue Topaz Swimwear is a United States based swimwear fashion brand founded by designer Ingrid Campbell in 2022. The name Blue Topaz was created to represent Ingrid's December birthstone, and blue happens to be her favorite color as well.

Ingrid's childhood was spent in New England and South California. She spent most of her time at the beach and also traveled throughout her adult life to many tropical destinations. She always loved summer and hot tropical weather.

The beach is where she finds her peace and serenity. Ingrid has a passion for bathing suits. Throughout the entire year, she has always loved collecting bathing suits.

Ingrid has always struck a balance in her life. She has a penchant for creativity, fashion and beauty. For many years, she worked on the weekends as a freelance makeup artist for Bobbi Brown cosmetics and MAC cosmetics at several Fashion/Trend Shows. She currently also works as a contractor in the wonderful field of Information Technology and Cyber Security for the federal government in the Washington DC area for the past 23 years.

Blue Topaz Swimwear journey started in June 2021, when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram, laying on the beach in one of her favorite bathing suits. The photo went viral on social media. A designer reached out to Ingrid after seeing the photo, to see if she would be interested in being an ambassador or a model for another swimwear brand. This motivated Ingrid to start Blue Topaz Swimwear.

The first collection was created for Miami Swim Week® - The Shows at Art Basel in November 2022 for "ProjectZed". The themed collection was "Science meets Swimwear". Blue Topaz showcased a lot of sparkle, glitter, fringe swimwear with many galaxy colors and metallic material.

Ingrid couldn’t wait to design for this amazing summer show for 2023. She wanted to create a fun and happy celebration for herself, friends and the models. That was absolutely the case a few weeks ago.

During Miami Swim Week® - The Shows on July 9th, Ingrid’s designs were showcased on the runway! Her designs were created with lots of detail. From high quality fabrics, eight different textures were created, many different styles, beautiful vibrant colors of green, yellow, orange and so many other colors.

The beautiful models that were selected to grace the runway for Blue Topaz Swimwear were very diverse in their features. They were perfect for the summer collection. For the first time, a male model was featured, in yellow ombre swim trunks.

The energy during Blue Topaz Swimwear Runway Show truly embodied the essence of summer and beach glamour. It was definitely a celebration for all to witness.

Ingrid's swimwear is a fit for all! She wants to make sure Blue Topaz Swimwear provides everyone with a sense of feeling absolutely comfortable in their skin.

Instagram: @bluetopazswimwear

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Thomas Concordia and Kiara Nichols Photography


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