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Blooming Bellies Imaging: Crafting Unforgettable Moments

Blooming Bellies offers a distinctive opportunity for parents to witness their baby in various dimensions through cutting-edge ultrasound technology. Services range from pregnancy confirmation at 4 weeks to DNA gender testing from 6 weeks, featuring imaging options such as 3D, 4D, 5D, and the latest advancement, 8K imaging.

Since its inception on May 2nd, 2023, Blooming Bellies Imaging has rapidly gained over 10,000 followers within a year. The swift ascent can be attributed to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence, expertise, and the joy they bring to expectant mothers by revealing their baby's face before birth. The warm and secure environment created by Blooming Bellies fosters client loyalty, with many returning for subsequent experiences.

Founded by Rocio Sabido, a skilled Diagnostic Ultrasound technician graduating in 2013, Blooming Bellies is a women-owned business. Rocio's passion for providing expectant mothers with an extraordinary and unforgettable experience propelled her focus on 3D and 4D ultrasounds. Her vision materialized into a space where every mom feels cherished, sharing the joy of seeing their baby's face with loved ones.

The recent addition to Blooming Bellies' technological repertoire is 8K imaging, offering an exceptionally realistic portrayal of your newborn's appearance. The company's overarching objective is to extend its services, reaching more expectant mothers and creating timeless memories for families.

In less than a year, Blooming Bellies Imaging has earned the trust of the community, resonating for its expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to delivering a distinctive experience for soon-to-be parents.

Blooming Bellies Imaging, situated at 10540 NW 26th St, Suite G103, Miami, Florida 33172, stands as a premier destination for maternity ultrasound services. Connect with them through their website at and on Instagram @bloomingbellies3d.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Blooming Bellies Imaging.


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