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Blending Luxury Travel with a Minimalist Approach

Updated: May 12

Who doesn't love spending their time traveling in luxury? We come across a beautiful location, settle down, and let the stress of life wash away. While we will never get tired of this, there's something to be said for the more adventurous side of travel too. Going off the beaten path, experiencing new and unexpected adventures, and coming back with amazing stories can be just as rewarding, even if it turns out to be more tiring. The question is, how do you take the latter approach while still maintaining the highest level of luxury possible?

Image by Markus Trienke / Flickr

Adjust Your Mentality

The first step to setting out for a more adventurous holiday is to change your expectations. Understand that things might go off the rails, and embrace the adventure these possibilities represent. Go in with realistic expectations and you’ll never be disappointed, and a positive attitude can make all the difference in your overall enjoyment of your trip.

Image by Matt Ming / Flickr

Choose Your Carry Carefully

The more adventurous you intend to be, the fewer bags you can carry. The focus will have to be on functionality first, and embracing the fact that a lot of your gear will be downright ugly. You might want to choose gear based on attractiveness (we certainly do), but the best kit to keep you safe often doesn't consider appearance at all.

Image by uwelino / Flickr

Clothing and camping gear could be the standouts here. You’ll want to research not just what works, but what works best for the type of environment you’ll be facing. Heavy wet-weather gear might be strong, but it won’t be especially useful in a desert, which is a mistake some newcomers make. You'll also need to carefully consider food, water, and emergency equipment.

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Image by Traveller-Reini / Flickr

Practice is King

If you want to still have time for luxury experiences, you’ll need to be efficient. This means practicing all the skills you need before arriving at your destination. Whether setting up tents or using tools, everything needs to be second nature to require little thought. Carry this in your back pocket, and you can finally focus on what's really important...

Image by Kitty Terwolbeck / Flickr

Find the Moments for Luxury

With everything carefully planned, you need to search for where in the schedule you can find bursts of luxury. This could be as simple as enjoying your favorite drink while far away from civilization, or by inserting a couple of spa days in the middle of an adventurous trip. You don’t want to go without something outrageous, but you also don’t want to tip the scales too far in the direction of comfort. Put in the research, and you might be surprised at what local luxury delights await you.

Image by Traveloscopy / Flickr

It's also important you learn carefully from your travels, to narrow down what works and what doesn't. Every trip helps make your next one better, and you never know what appeals to you before you experience it. Just remember to leave a day or two to unwind at the end, to avoid going through an airport while struggling to stay on your feet.

By ML Staff. Images by Flickr


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