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Binkley Family Volunteers Together Sharing Love of Tennis with All

The Binkley family, composed of parents, Brandon and Christie, and their two daughters, Abby and Piper, showcased the spirit of community and generosity through their collective volunteering efforts at the 2024 Special Olympics. Their story is one of dedication, love for tennis, and a profound commitment to giving back. 

The Binkley family’s tennis journey began five years ago, igniting a passion that has only grown stronger with time. “Playing tennis has been something great that we can do to come together,” Brandon said. “I love what it teaches my girls about independence, self-belief, and problem-solving.” This is echoed throughout their experiences, reflecting on how tennis has become a cornerstone of their family’s life and values. 

“We moved to Orlando to be here and to play tennis. The confidence they get from tennis bleeds over into other areas,” Brandon said. This move allowed for better training and embedded the family deeper into the tennis community. 

2024 marked the Binkley family’s first year volunteering at the Special Olympics. Despite being newcomers to this event, their enthusiasm and dedication were palpable. “It’s great to see the excitement from all the athletes here,” he said. “They’ve worked so hard to get here, and seeing the joy on their faces is an absolute joy to be around.” The experience has been fulfilling for the entire family, reinforcing the importance of giving back. 

For the Binkley’s, volunteering is not just about giving, it’s also about learning and growing. “There’s a lot I can learn from all the athletes, just their resiliency and pure heart. If my wife, my girls, and I can be more like them, this is a huge success,” Brandon said.  

Volunteering together has also strengthened their family’s bonds. “I can’t wait to go home and talk about it over dinner and get the girls’ perspectives,” he said. “There’s nothing but upside from being able to volunteer and help.” These shared experiences have created lasting memories and deepened their familial connections. 

Tennis has also taught their family valuable life lessons that they carry with them everywhere they go. “We’ve dealt with injuries and had to fight and overcome them,” Brandon said. “You learn to battle mentally, and it’s not just about the opponent but the battle within.” The sport has instilled resilience and perseverance in both of his daughters, which they use beyond the tennis courts. 

As Piper remains active in the competitive junior tennis community, the family is grateful for everything the state has to offer to prepare her for the future. “USTA Florida has always done a really good job with the competition and level of tournaments here,” Brandon said. “The bar is really high here.” 

Looking to the future, Brandon envisions the generational impact of tennis on his family. “I look forward to when my kids have kids and being able to introduce them to tennis. The character development alone is priceless,” he said.  

As they balance the playing career of Piper and volunteering, Brandon is thrilled that his family can come together and grow while remaining involved with tennis. “It’s been an absolute pleasure to volunteer. We sure hope that we are asked to do this again next year.” 

 ML Staff. Content/Image courtesy of Jaret Kappelman, Marketing & Communications Coordinator for USTA Florida


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