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Binibi Books Make Reading Time an Effective Bilingual Lesson For Babies and Beyond

Binibi, an early-stage company dedicated to fostering early bilingual education has launched a collection of four Spanish-English sound books for babies and toddlers. The startup targets families who want to raise multilingual children. Cofounded by Ana Guzman and Luciana Yarhi, mothers and entrepreneurs born and raised in El Salvador, Binibi seeks to support parents in fostering bilingualism in their children from the earliest stage - when language development matters most.

“Whether you are a native Spanish speaker or a beginner,” said Guzman, “and you want your child —or a child in your life — to speak Spanish, our books provide an interactive and engaging way to enhance your child’s language learning journey”

By 2050, the U.S. will be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. Research shows that the earlier children are exposed to a second language, the more likely they are to succeed. Binibi supports parents as they introduce Spanish at home during the critical years in a child’s development, when the brain is most receptive to language acquisition.

Illustrated and voiced by Salvadoran talent, all of the books are fully bilingual with text in English and Spanish on every page, allowing English-first parents to understand what they're reading or hearing. The initial collection of four books aims to make bilingual learning fun and easy for children up to the age of five, with a unique full-sensory appeal that includes

  • Easy to press buttons with sounds and songs on every page

  • Bright colors and illustrations designed to engage to young learners

  • Content vetted and approved by education specialists

  • Popular nursery rhymes and songs, like founder favorite, “Los Pollitos Dicen”

  • Online user guides to make the most of your reading time

  • Rounded edges on sturdy, board pages perfect for little hands

“"We are so proud to be building a bilingual education brand for kids at their earliest ages" continued Guzman. “Our goal is to make bilingualism accessible to parents everywhere. It’s exciting to know kids and parents will have a chance to get their hands on them this holiday season."

Since their launch, Binibi has sold over 4,000 copies. Their books are available at stores such as Books & Books, Learning Express, and a myriad of stores across the country. You can also buy them directly on their website at and or on Amazon with Prime delivery.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Binibi Books


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