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Bill Hansen Catering Merges with Eten Catering

Bill Hansen Catering & Event Production announces a merger with Eten Catering, a full-service catering and event company in South Florida. The merger brings two South Florida food and events brands together, adding a new level of service to Bill Hansen Catering & Event Production’s 41-year platform as an events vendor in South Florida. The acquisition will expand the brand's presence to an even larger market, specifically on large scale yachts in South Florida. Hansen and Eten will now collaborate under one roof at Hansen’s 8,000-sq. ft. Commissary Kitchen in Opa Locka, FL, while Eten Catering will continue to operate as its own entity.

“Eten Catering brings exceptional food and service to event attendees throughout the region,” said Bill Hansen of Bill Hansen Catering & Event Production. “This partnership will allow us at Bill Hansen Catering & Event Production to expand our scope of service to South Florida’s pristine waters through Eten’s established reputation with yacht parties and events in the market, offering global flair, service and top-quality food.”

Eten Catering, founded in 2010 by European owners Dirk De Cuyper and Allison Morgan, brings a passion for cooking that reflects Cuyper’s extensive culinary training. Originally from Belgium, Cuyper spent six years training in Classical French and Nouvelle cuisine and pastry. During his career he worked in Michelin-star restaurants throughout Belgium. The Eten Catering brand brings history, tradition, influence and style to each event that it caters, with a strong focus on exceptional food. The brand has serviced a number of events on large-scale yachts in South Florida, including 10 years at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, offering an unparalleled skill set that Hansen and his team will now have the opportunity to cater to.

Both brands will continue to operate as usual, servicing event venues from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys, however the culinary components at both companies will receive modern touches, including new menus for home delivery services. Bill Hansen Catering & Event Production’s menus will continue to be created and curated by corporate executive and culinary mastermind chef Dewey Losasso.

“Bill Hansen Catering has been in the area for over 40 years and the brand ingrained in the industry throughout the region,” said Allison Morgan, cofounder of Eten Catering. “We look forward to collaborating with the team at Bill Hansen Catering to create more opportunities for group functions in South Florida.”

Both brands will utilize the commissary’s fleet of temperature-controlled vans to offer residential and corporate delivery services for catering throughout South Florida.

By ML Staff. Photo Credit: Villa Woodbine, Bill Hansen Catering


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