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Beyond the Field: Marquette King's Sonic Touchdowns - A Miami Living Exclusive

Introducing Marquette King, an Arizona-based powerhouse who has been seamlessly navigating the world of professional sports and music. Known for his prowess as an NFL and XFL punter, Marquette King has transcended athletic boundaries to emerge as a rising star in the POP/EDM/Hip Hop scene. In an exclusive interview with Miami Living Magazine, we delve into the multifaceted career of this talented artist who has been redefining music genres and captivating audiences with his new-age take on sound.  Join us as we explore the dynamic intersection of sports, music, and artistry in the life of this entertainment savant, where his creative energy is generating an electrifying experience for audiences worldwide. 

Miami Living (ML): You've had a remarkable journey from NFL punter to groundbreaking music artist. How do you manage to balance both careers, and what inspired you to pursue music alongside your football career? 


Marquette King: I’ve always been interested in music and football kind of took over, so I stepped back from music for a little while. As a punter and kicker, you don’t really do much. It’s not like you have to study and go to a bunch of meetings so I had so much free time. I started tapping back into music and I found I had the talent to do it and enjoyed it and got a lot of compliments. I wanted to challenge myself to see how far I could take it. 


ML: Congratulations on your recent XFL Championship win with the Arlington Renegades! How has the experience of winning the 2023 Championship impacted your outlook on your football career, and how does it influence your approach to music? 


Marquette: It was super cool. I got a chance to meet some really good people on that team. It was also something to do instead of just staying in the house and working on music all the time. I really enjoyed it and collected a lot more fans too from doing the music and playing in the XFL. As far as my outlook, I’ve always had the same mindset of if you want it, go get it. There are two types of people- the ones that do it and the ones that don’t. 

ML: You are known to push the boundaries of genre-breaking music.  What or who has most inspired your musical journey and led to your synthesis of very unique curated sounds? 


Marquette: I’ve always been a fan of Calvin Harris. He’s an artist that I really respect when it comes to music because he’s ridiculously talented. Anything that has anything to do with Calvin Harris, I like it.   


ML: Can you share a specific moment or aspect from one of your performances where you felt a powerful and memorable connection with the audience, as you strive to create an experience described as “audible illumination” for your listeners? 


Marquette: When the XFL allowed me to perform after the last home game of the season, there was about two-thousand people on the field, and it was cool because the people that work there said “the fans want to see you perform your songs” and asked me if I could run back to the locker room and change my clothes and come back and perform. It was cool because that would never happen in the NFL, but it was cool, and a lot of people were vibing out to the music. I was on the stage on the field right after the game and just connected with the people.  

ML: Beyond music and sports, you also handmake one-of-a-kind unisex jewelry. How did you get into jewelry making, and how does this creative outlet contribute to your overall artistic expression? 


Marquette: I really got into it during Covid. I was like man, what if I made my own jewelry and then I just started making it and wearing it. Sometimes I made the beads match whatever outfit I was wearing that day. I kept making more and more jewelry for myself and people kept asking me to sell it and I finally made a store for it. I feel like it’s another part of me- you got the music, the sports, and the jewelry.  


ML: Your commitment to fitness and charitable work is impressive. How do activities like lifting weights, playing basketball, running and Pilates contribute to your overall well-being?  And can you tell us more about your dedication to feeding the homeless? 


Marquette: You definitely have to work out and stay on point when it comes to health, especially the older you get. I’m constantly trying to focus on doing everything I can to stay at a high level when it comes to performing and playing sports. As far as feeding the homeless, there’s a lot of people who don’t have control over certain situations and outcomes in their lives and some people are more fortunate than others. I have always felt like it’s good to give back and give somebody a meal when they haven’t eaten. That’s the best feeling ever so I’ve always done that. Even on my off days during the season with the Raiders, I would use those days and go out and feed homeless people and pass out water. 

ML: With your busy schedule, including upcoming releases and a full album in early 2024, how do you stay focused and are you able to find time for self-care and relaxation? What advice do you have for others juggling multiple passions and responsibilities? 


Marquette: Like I said earlier, there’s two types of people - the ones that do it and the ones that don’t. If I want to get something done, I’m going to make sure I get it done. 

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Marquette King


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