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Beyond the Canvas: Cj Hendry Unveils The Artistry of Hoops Tree in Miami

Miami Living Magazine explores contemporary Australian artist Cj Hendry's latest venture into public art with the Hoops Tree. From the choice of Yves Klein Blue to the challenges faced in bringing this project to life, join us as Cj shares insights into her foray into permanent public art and the unique collaboration with the Miami City Council.

What is the Hoops Tree and where is it located in Miami?

Cj: This tree is a permanent public artwork consisting of 2 tonnes of steel moulded into a stylised multi arm basketball tree. This tree combines my passion for highly stylised conceptual exhibitions with the need to make my art more permanent and accessible to a wider audience.

What is the significance of the Hoops Tree's deep blue color and why did you ultimately choose this color?

Cj: The deep blue hue is Yves Klein Blue. In my opinion it's one of the most captivating colours ever developed. Seeing as this is my first foray into public art I thought why the hell wouldn't I mix the electric shock of blue with the significance of this piece. It also blends perfectly into the backdrop of the blue ocean and the rich blue Miami skyline.

How long has the creation of the Hoops Tree been in progress and what are its distinctive features?

Cj: This piece has been rattling around in my brain for many years but I couldn't quite place how to execute the concept. The actual production of Hoops has been the last 10 months. We have worked with a local fabrication company who was willing to take on the challenge of such complicated engineering as well as the vision for the art.

What inspired you to venture into the public arts?

Cj: I have built enormous temporary exhibitions for many years and I get frustrated building these enormous exhibitions and then having to tear them down. Permanent public art is the next step in enabling my ideas to live longer than a couple of days.

Why did you choose Miami to launch your first public art installation?

Cj: It was a perfect storm. Miami City council showed a lot of interest in this concept and it made sense to unveil it during Art Basel week. It's such a festive time to be in the area so why not get in on the excitement.

How did the collaboration with the Miami City council come about, and what challenges did you face in bringing Hoops Tree to life?

Cj: Honestly it happened organically. We spoke to a friend of a friend and we got introduced, one thing led to another and here we are. Talking about all the challenges would require a novel. I hope to never publish a novel so I guess I will have to take all the secrets to my grave.

What are you most excited for with this project and launch?

Cj: Actually seeing something so enormous in the ground. That will excite me!

What do you love most about Miami?

Cj: THE DRUGZ, just kidding. It's the laid back nature of the people and the overall atmosphere. It reminds me of our home town in Australia.

Instagram: @cj_hendry

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Cj Hendry Studio


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