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Best Places to Visit in Florida in 2024

Updated: Apr 23

Florida is well-known for its bustling tourism industry. There is a lot to see in the state, and people from all over the country (and the world) arrive in droves to see it. But what are the best places to visit in Florida? This article will cover the most alluring attractions in the Sunshine State.

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The Various Tribal Casinos

Florida is home to two federally recognized Native tribes, the Seminole and the Miccosukee. The tribes are two of the three major Native American Seminole tribes that have attained federal recognition. In the Sunshine State, the Seminole run several casinos, and the Miccosukee are in charge of one of the biggest, if not the biggest, gambling establishments.

Seminole-run casinos exist throughout the Sunshine State. In many cities, they are the lynchpin of the local economy, serving as both employers and major revenue creators. Gamblers often find poker tables, blackjack tables, and roulette at the Seminole Casino establishments. They may not be the biggest resorts, but they provide an excellent experience for locals and tourists.

You can find the Miccosukee Resort and Gaming in Miami. With over 2000 slot games, it rivals even some of the most popular online casinos in Florida in terms of the sheer amount of games. But slots are just one attraction in town. Blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, and of course, poker are all prevalent at the Miccosukee Resort.

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The National Park

One of Florida’s most notable attractions is the Everglades National Park. One of the only places in the world where you can find alligators and crocodiles, the Everglades are a protected piece of land full of some of the rarest, deadliest, and scariest animals on the face of the Earth.

A trip to the Everglades is a must for those fascinated by the animal kingdom. You can take a rowboat or airboat tour through the Everglades rivers and come face-to-face with a gator from a safe distance.

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Disney World

On a trip to Florida, Walt Disney had an idea. He looked over the swampy nether region of the state, and where most saw muck and grime, he saw potential. In 1971, the man’s dream became reality, and Disney World opened its doors.

The massive entertainment resort remains today, occupying good portions of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista. The resort comprises four theme parks, two water parks, and two mini golf courses, all attracting fans year-round.

Most are familiar with theme parks, especially the Magic Kingdom, the original attraction created in 1971. The Magic Kingdom Park has rides and attractions related to the classic Golden Era Disney movies.

In the 80s, the Epcot Park and the Hollywood Studios park opened up as a supplement to the Magic Kingdom, and a decade later, Disney added the Animal Kingdom as well. Today, Disney World is one of the world's biggest and most visited theme parks and a monument to Florida’s tourism industry.

The Various Restaurants

The Sunshine State also has a wide variety of incredible restaurants. Just recently, Michelin-starred chef Ryan Ratino announced that he will be opening a restaurant in Lauderdale soon. As excited as many of us are to try it, Ratino’s Maass is not the only place in Florida where you can experience top-quality meals.

Miami, often considered Florida’s cultural hub, has plenty of restaurants where people can find top-notch service, taste the best cocktails, and eat some delicious meals that simply cannot compare to standard fast food. Whether you are a fan of Cuban, seafood, or classic Italian restaurants, you will find it all in Miami.

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Miami Beach

Lastly, if you just want to party like no tomorrow on the beach, then Florida has you covered. There are, of course, plenty of beaches throughout the Sunshine State. However, when most people think about a beach in Florida, they think of Miami Beach.

The city’s sandy, warm beaches are perfect for young people who want a blast and those who just want a family day at the beach. Beach Cafés are peppered throughout the long strip of sand, providing cooling refreshments for anyone who may get too hot.

If you’ve grown tired of the ocean, you can always walk through town and visit some landmarks that make Miami Beach unique. The architecture and street art gives the city a look unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


Does Florida have a big tourism industry?

Absolutely. Florida is well-known for its bustling tourism industry.

Can I see alligators at the Everglades?

Yes, many boat tours will safely take you through the Everglades. Along the trip, you will see a couple of gators peacefully swimming in the river. Just don’t put your fingers in there.

Can I gamble in Florida?

Yes. You can gamble at Native American casinos and online in most places in Florida.

What is there to do in Miami Beach?

Well, there is the pristine and beautiful beach to enjoy. And you can visit museums, bars, restaurants, and stores if that interests you.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Adobe Stock


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