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Bell FCX-001: Flight Plan for Innovation

Welcome to the future of flight innovation. Designed by Bell Helicopter, their latest conceptual aircraft named Bell FCX-001 is pushing the world of aviation forward.

Hybridized Propulsion

The helicopter combines advanced thermal engine cores for the main propulsion with, for example, electric distribution and motors to drive the anti-torque system for more control and simpler vehicle operations and maintenance.

Morphing Rotor Blades

Morphing structural geometries will allow aircraft to optimize performance in different flight regimes. Bell Helicopter explores individual morphing geometries such as blades, inlets, aerodynamic surfaces, whether through advanced actuation or materials, or both, to push standard aviation technology forward.

Virtual Cockpit

One pilot seat. Removing the traditional Multi Function Display (MFD) flight deck for enhanced visibility from the pilot seat creating an entirely new experience. Bell Helicopter sees pilots of the future controlling the aircraft with the aid of augmented reality and an artificial intelligence computer assistance system. This technology is the stepping stone to the fully autonomous, unpiloted VTOL air vehicles.

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Enhanced Cabin Design

A concept modular flooring system allows for rapid seating configuration changes so that the cabin can be customized for many types of passenger, cargo or mission based requirements. LED lighting in the overhead canopy can be fully customized in color and brightness depending on passenger preference. 360-degree pop-down air ventilation systems to allow for increased comfort on demand.

Flight Control Technology

At the heart of the fly-by-wire system are three separate and independent flight control computers. Upon receiving digital commands from the pilots, the system evaluates and calculates the optimal method to achieve the order; assuring the aircraft is not compromised and is supported by extra system redundancy.


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By ML staff. Images courtesy of Bell Helicopter.


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