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Bel-Air Fine Art Debuts Pop Art Collection on Lincoln Road

Bel-Air Fine Art on Lincoln Road is opening a new contemporary art exhibit, #ThePopCollection, featuring the work of French artists Peppone, Fabien Novarino and Auguste, and Italian painter Leo Manelli. The gallery exhibit is on the promenade April 4 through the end of May.

Freddy Mercury by Peppone

Known as one of the leading contemporary art gallery groups in Europe, Bel-Air Fine Art opened its first U.S. location in Miami in the Design District in 2018, followed by a pop-up gallery on Lincoln Road in March 2024. Its owners, father and son duo François and Grégory Chabanian, present a rich selection of internationally acclaimed and emerging contemporary artists from various artist movements. In Miami, they’ve recently chosen to focus on French sculptor Peppone, the rising pop art artist whose artworks bring to life childhood moments and heartwarming emotions. 

Peppone, also known as Christophe Tixier, draws inspiration for his art from his vast collection of diverse objects and ephemera which includes nearly 500 comic books. His signature sculptures and paintings feature some of the most recognizable figures in the world of animation and pop culture, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snoopy, Hulk and Popeye, or reference classic films, such as “Pulp Fiction” and “Jaws.” 

Peppone's parents, both of whom were teachers, instilled in him the belief that sharing is one of life's greatest riches. His first comic books were given to him by his father, and he subsequently enriched his collection by frequenting flea markets, attending auctions at municipal libraries, and through the generosity of friends and strangers alike.

The artist utilizes this abundance of paper to create brightly colored and variegated resin forms imbued with popular symbolism that evoke the innocence of childhood and his native territory. Some of Peppone’s pieces on display in #ThePopCollection includes paintings and sculptures that draw inspiration from the worlds of Tintin, Star Wars, Marvel, and Walt Disney.

Peppone has often stated that humans are the only living beings aware of their own mortality and that, in order to escape it, they reproduce, communicate, and dream, thereby creating a cyclical link between the past, present, and future. It is by carving into this abundance of paper that Peppone breathes life into his works, thus establishing an emotional connection with his father and perpetuating his legacy.

SNOOPY - Woodstock - Serie 2 by Peppone

ML Staff. Images courtesy of Bel-Air Fine Art.


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