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Bea Interiors Design & Arca Present Atus Collection at Design Miami/ 2021

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Bea Interiors Design and Arca present Atus, a collection of marble furniture, during Design Miami/ 2021. Bea has applied her artistic sensibility to conceptualize a collection that merges materials, such as stone and wood, into stunning structured assemblages through which healing energy is transmitted, thus creating a harmonious and positive environment. The collection includes multifunctional desks or dining tables as well as chairs made of contrasting marbles and natural oak wood. The booth design will also include custom handmade Murano glass lighting fixtures made in collaboration with Venini.

The Atus Collection is composed of 4 custom made marble and wood furniture pieces, which include a Chair, End Table, Round Table, and Desk. These are all one of a kind pieces due to the uniqueness of each rock. Fusing functionality and design, the collection has been created with the purpose of connecting natures’ healing properties to our daily lives. Blurring the boundaries between sculpture and functional design, Bea Pernia is known for her ability to push the limits of materials in unique and thought-provoking ways while developing organic forms. Blending materials into superior structured assemblages, she fuses natural marbles and woods that add their natural energy to any space. Her purpose is to bring nature into any space in order to transmit a balanced aura. These sharp constructions combine various types of marbles found in Portugal quarries with natural white oak, black walnut, and weathered teak wood.

“I’m very inspired by natural materials, especially when you start combining them. I like to play with a fine line of juxtaposition that makes things work. All types of stone, porcelain, marble, fabrics, metal, a lot of different types of woods. Then, you begin to incorporate color. It’s the combination that completes the creation,” states Bea Pernia about the collection with Arca marble.

Arca CEO and Founder Gerardo Jose Cortina Weichers elaborates on the collaboration “We are committed to working with artists and designers, such as Bea Pernia, and offering an unmatched selection of rare high quality materials. We really are a place where we think the dreams of creatives can come true.”


Bemons Chair

Bemons Chair: Bemons is a unique piece of marble chosen from a quarry in Portugal. This chair is a statement piece for any environment or can be part of a dining set. Made of marble and sustainable Siberian faux fur.

Z End Table

Z End Table: Z is a provocative art talking piece, exposing the raw marble veins with an embedded wood top. It is the perfect addition to a living room or a bedroom. Composed of sustainable materials found in Portugal quarries.

Beloco Round Table

Beloco Round Table: The Beloco table is made from marble from Portugal's quarries and solid wood. Functionality and design, the Beloco has been created with the purpose of connecting nature's healing properties to our daily lives. The oak wood top has been embedded in the stone to preserve its natural form.

Atus Desk

Atus Desk: Adding nature to the workstation, crossing the lines between functionality and design, the Atus desk has been created as a statement piece to be part of your home or office. Incorporating two soft-closing drawers and plenty of top surface space.

Murano Drop

Murano Drop: Handmade Murano glass drop light fixtures, white matte and clear color, made in collaboration with Venini.


Bea Interiors Design was created in 2012. Since then, the Miami-based firm has grown into a family of creative and innovative interior designers who are committed to excellence and unparalleled design in regards to commercial, residential, and hospitality projects including Hayakawa restaurant in Miami,Florida and the Roc Hotel in Tulum, Mexico.


Arca is a Mexico and Miami based leading supplier and manufacturer of natural and sustainable stones, tiles, bricks, and wood. A favorite destination for architects and designers, Arca has collaborated with Hector Esrawe of Esrawe Studio on the design of the Guadalajara showroom and Superflex and Esrawe Studio on the recent Wynwood complex. Recent projects include commercial, residential, mixed use, and hospitality projects, such as global Four Seasons properties and international airports.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Bea Interiors Design


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