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Basic.Space Partners with Serving The People to Launch Its Latest Exhibition

Basic.Space, a seamless IRL to URL discovery and shopping experience shaping the future of commerce, is launching a multi-platform initiative with Serving the People (STP), a creative incubator and digital platform founded by artist Lucien Smith. STP will launch its latest exhibition Second Site, curated by Parsons’ Adriana Furlong and Margaux Halloran, on Basic.Space alongside a physical month-long pop-up, located in the Miami Design District.

Founded by renowned artist and filmmaker Lucien Smith, STP is an arts non-profit that functions as a platform for young and emerging artists. STP has hosted almost 20 shows featuring works by more than 1200 artists globally; at the core of its programming is an open submission online show, where anyone is welcome to submit artwork and be showcased around a certain theme or moment in time. By eliminating the barrier of entry for participation and practicing an anti-curation multidisciplinary program free of commercial bias,the organization is able to foster a worldwide community of creatives.

STP will take over the pop-up store in the Miami Design District from January 24th–February15th. The installation will feature works curated by Furlong that include sculpture pieces, prints, and more. The art projected in the space will be for sale as well as limited edition T-Shirts designed by Smith.

“I’m very excited for our collaboration with Basic.Space and the Miami Design District. As a digital community, it is always a great opportunity for our programming to exist in physical spaces. This collaboration is a perfect example of how Serving the People can work together with partners and organizations to facilitate informal, creative, and educational programs for our communities,” said Smith.

This partnership with STP comes on the heels of Basic.Space’s latest Experience with Swiss design company Vitra and Virgil Abloh, which recently took place in the Miami Design District during Design Miami/. Offering a unique shopping experience that seamlessly integrates the digital and physical worlds, Basic.Space Experiences allow customers to buy products featured in live streams of creatives in their own space bringing the IRL “pop-up” experience to the online consumer.

“Lucien is someone we’ve known and respected for many years now, both as an artist and community builder. Aligned with our vision at Basic.Space, Lucien is supporting the next generation of artists like Adriana Furlong and Margaux Halloran, by giving them a platform to thrive. These Are the types of people we want to partner with; the types of people who are working hard and taking leaps to advance the creative community. We’re excited to see Andrea’s work come to life as a seamless interpretation of where IRL meets URL,” said Jesse Lee, founder of Basic.Space.

For more info visit Basic.Space.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Basic.Space.


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