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BēAtala Wellness Spa by Debbie Castaneda Open Now at Mr. C Miami - Coconut Grove

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Mr. C Miami - Coconut Grove introduces the BēAtala Wellness Spa, founded by Debbie Castaneda. Mr. C Hotel in Coconut Grove, Miami was chosen as the premier location to create a community focused on self-improvement of the mind, body, & spirit, and to debut world-renowned technology, such as Endosphères Therapy. BēAtala has carefully curated a selection of exclusive skincare products, including Pietro Simone, one of the main experts in skincare in Europe, and referred to as “king of anti-aging and peptides.”

The exclusive wellness suite concept was born from the necessity of self-evolution, and offers an array of transformative beauty treatments, sports therapies, and spiritual practices focusing on health. The services and treatments are bespoke, tailored, and personalized for each client. BēAtala’s treatment begins with an assessment of the skin as an organism and determines its ability to balance itself against environmental, lifestyle, and genetic factors. A dedicated specialist will then deliver an in-depth approach and recommended skincare regimen.

BēAtala’s philosophy is to resolve each skin problem with a 360-degree strategy that includes providing personalized self-improvement services. A concierge will examine clients’ lifestyles and advise accordingly. Services range from mindful practices and anti-stress exercises to beauty treatments and workouts. The biotechnology skincare collection offers lasting results and treats common skin and body issues. Endosphères Therapy targets cellulite and water retention, and healing massages help reduce pain and induce relaxation.

BēAtala’s name comes from the Atala butterfly, born in South Florida and exclusive to Palm Beach, Miami, the Bahamas, and Turks & Caicos. It lives in a beautiful, healthy environment– perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and evolving. Atala also means ‘Emmaus’ representing the claim to the divine, the essential, and the actual value of being.

"Having been a model, a former Miss Colombia, and a true believer in the importance of skincare in relation to the quality of life, I have traveled the world and found that the Endopsheres treatment and Pietro Simone's products are innovative and truly make a difference in enhancing one's skin through scientific, non-invasive methodology, and a completely personalized approach. It is never too late to be the best version of yourself.” – Debbie Castaneda, Founder BēAtala’s treatments include facials, massages, and weight loss programs. For a complete list of services, more information, and to book a reservation, please visit Mr. C Miami, email, or call (305) 487-0744.


Mr. C Miami - Coconut Grove is the latest premier luxury boutique hotel conceived by Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani, a fourth-generation hotelier family, who have drawn on their rich family history to create a luxury hospitality and residential brand known as Mr. C. The award-winning architecture firm, Arquitectonica, conceived the exterior design modeled after the

pier-like Stiltsville structures are located off the Florida Cape. Mr. C has achieved a Silver Certification from the FGBC (Florida Green Building Coalition), the equivalent of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for environmental sustainability as well as green energy-efficient lighting. AD100 interior designer, Martin Brudnizki, designed the 100-room, 6-story boutique property overlooking Key Biscayne Bay. The nautical look of the resort, as shown by its azure and white-colored terrazzo floors and glossy wood paneling, is influenced both by coastal Italian culture, and the sleek interior of a yacht or cruise ship.


Pietro Simone is a dynamic, young zeitgeist in the beauty industry, spearheading a positive, global evolution in how we all approach beauty and anti-aging, with his motivating philosophies, pioneering techniques, and prestigious skincare line, technology, and luxury Spas. His insights, research in science and nature, and commercial experience and expertise garnered from the luxury beauty and wellness industries over a 16-year timespan contribute to the success of his line. Pietro's inaugural skincare brand is inspired by his key skincare philosophy; "Our Skin is the Theatre of Life." Pietro has worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive Skin Theatre suite of luxury retail and spa products for optimum look-good and feel-good skin, incorporating his unique and exclusive Italian Bella Complex® throughout the entire range.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of BēAtala Wellness Spa


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