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Axil Swim: Sustainable Swimwear for Every Woman

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Introducing Axil Swim at Miami Swim Week, they're passionate about creating swimwear that not only feels great - but is good for the environment too. That’s why they're excited to share that 78% of their fabric is made from premium recycled materials sourced from Italy - meaning Axil's quality is top-notch AND sustainable. But, the commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. They take extra measures to reduce waste by using water-soluble packaging. That means after you open your 'kini, you can immediately dissolve the bag in warm water! An eco-friendly alternative that aligns with the mission to leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Ultimately, Axil Swim believes that swimwear should empower you to BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE. They hope to not only create amazing, sustainable bikinis — but to create a space that prioritizes body positivity and self-acceptance too. Axil wants women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident in their swimwear, so they can be fearless in their skin. Axil recognizes that swimwear can be a vulnerable space, and finding the perfect fit is essential. That’s why they've introduced an exclusive Fit Promise.

Within the first six months of purchase, you can exchange your swimsuit for a different size—no questions asked!! Axil Swim wants your swimwear to be with you through all the seasons of your life. Axil's goal is to provide a safe space where you can feel comfortable and confident, celebrating your unique body at every moment.

If you’re looking for swimwear that embraces style, sustainability, and empowerment - look no further. At Axil, their mission is to make a difference. With you, they can create a brighter future, one ‘kini at a time.

Instagram: @axilswim

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Axil Swim


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