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Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery Introduces Michele Utley Voigt

The Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery welcomes artist Michele Utley Voigt, who follows in the footsteps of Julian Lennon, Aaron Schwartz, Fabio Mesa and Robi Walters, all of whom have displayed their unique artwork in the Aston Martin Residences Virtual Art Gallery. Voigt’s exclusive exhibition, entitled “Domestic Situation,” will be featured for two months as a three-dimensional immersive experience, replicating the residence’s physical art gallery being developed on the 52nd floor, and can now be viewed here.

Connecticut-based digital artist presents "Domestic Situation" as the latest in the Virtual Art Gallery exhibition series

Represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Voigt’s Domestic Situation exhibit explores the systematic domestication of women, transcendentalism, and modernization of pragmatic feminism. These works gambol between the modern world through digital technology and the traditional world via oil paint on canvas applied using master’s techniques.

“These large-scale paintings, NFTs, and digital presentations consider our modern caste system, aspirations for beauty, entrapment of desire, empowerment of luxury, and ultimate emancipation,” explains Voigt. “The works explore systemic female conditioning and align the subjects within that realm while embracing cultural icons. The works explode with voyeuristic opportunities offering both the subject and the viewer moments steeped with escapism.”

Voigt is also pleased to present “Aquasitions,” an original oil on canvas, for the Aston Martin Residences’ permanent collection – inspired by the residences’ sail-shaped architecture and stunning interiors, with a colorful creation that is as vibrant as Miami itself.

Voigt is an internationally exhibited and award-winning artist. She lives and works between California and New York and is represented by Contemporary Art Projects USA, Miami. She is known for her electric images of the human experience divulged from the female perspective. Voigt received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Otis Parsons Art Institute Los Angeles and Parsons Art Institute, Paris.

Voigt exhibits in New York, Los Angeles, London, Florence, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami, New England, and Santa Fe. She participates in major art fairs, including CONTEXT, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Art Wynwood, ARTROOMS London, Florence Biennale, Art Santa Fe, and SCOPE. Her works can be found in many private collections, museums, and institutions. Voigt paints stories of the human experience. The soul of life, demonstrated in depictions of figures interacting within a realm of time, realities, and one another. The interconnectedness of all elements and time. What is seen and not seen. Known and not known. Contemporaneous, interacting, and incessantly influencing one another in a continuum of the past, present, and future.

“Domestic Situation” by Michele Voigt can now be viewed at the Aston Martin Residences immersive 3D virtual gallery, at

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of The Aston Martin Residences

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