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Bringing Harmony to South Beach: Lia Ali’s Latest Mural in the Marlin Hotel

Lia Ali, a Bulgarian-born modern interior artist, calls New York home. Her murals aim to infuse spaces with positivity and light. Recently, she completed a mural at the historic art-deco Marlin hotel in South Beach, Miami. Titled “Harmony,” the piece features hyper-realistic paintings of birds, flowers, plants, and trees, symbolizing the beauty of Mother Nature.

“I am deeply inspired by the lush tropical landscape and vibrant weather in Miami. The untamed wilderness exudes a sense of joy and pure energy.

My ambition is to transform Marlin’s hotel walls into a vibrant work of art that transports guests to another world. Traveling is my greatest source of creative inspiration. It gives me the opportunity to escape the monotony of daily life and immerse myself in new experiences.

I hope my mural will provide viewers a temporary escape from their daily struggles and allow them to ‘Sail Away’ into a realm of freedom and imagination.”

Connect with Lia Ali

By ML Staff | Images courtesy of Lia Ali


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