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Artist Haiiileen Debuts Her First Collector’s Item: Aura Mirrors

Miami born artist Haiiileen, real name Aileen Quintana, debuts her first collector’s item: Aura Mirrors on Monday, May 3rd.

Haiiileen is known for using light to transform large venues into spaces for artistic expression and social engagement. What makes Haiiileen’s practice so intrinsically distinctive is her synesthesia, a rare sensory condition which transforms everything she hears into visual imagery. For her, it is essential to explore emotional language and self-evolution, driven by a never-ending curiosity. This has led her to study physics, she is able to grasp a full understanding of how sound, light, and color all interact with one another. Her immersive environments and installations have been featured in the Frost Science Museum, the Bass Museum as well as ARTECHOUSE, to name a few.

Haiiileen continuously exhibits her ability to create thought-provoking material that provides a deep expression and experimental approach to the environmental perceptions and conventional ideas of reality through her work.

During the isolation period of the pandemic, Haiiileen began experimenting to create a formula that transfers color into mirrors. Using color theory to refract light and color, the chemical mixture features a marble-like appearance creating a seamless gradient of colors. Through this process, her first limited edition item was born: Aura Mirrors.

“When people look at themselves in these mirrors, it's like they are able to look within themselves and see their internal light and love in the colors of their auras,” says Haiiileen. “The colors of the auras are a self-reflection of how you might perceive yourself on the inside, now projected back to you from the reflection in the mirror.”

The hexagon shaped mirrors (Width: 13″ Depth: 1.5″ Height: 15″) represent the center of universal coherence, tying everything together and linking everything back. 50 mirrors, all made by hand, will debut on her site, on Monday, May 3rd, priced at $2,250 ea. See your inner light and love in the colors of your auras.

The concept of nurturing connections through art grounds all her projects, including HaiiiLabs, a nonprofit that provides supplies and offers workshops for fellow artists and art organizations. As a first-generation Cuban American, she appreciates the immigrant-driven hustle behind South Florida’s art scene and the challenges these creators experience in bringing their work into the spotlight. As for her, fostering art wherever it emerges is both a social and aesthetic call to action.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Haiiileen


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