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Artist Eri Wakiyama Collaborates with Samsung Galaxy During Miami Art Week 2023

The collaboration between Samsung Galaxy and multidisciplinary artist Eri Wakiyama reached extraordinary heights during Miami Art Week 2023 with the unveiling of ‘Let Me Know When You Land’. Held at HUB Miami in the vibrant Little Haiti neighborhood, the event seamlessly merged art and technology through Wakiyama’s cosmic vision. 

The showcase featured a captivating collection of original artwork and hand-painted Samsung Galaxy devices, exploring the themes of Galaxy, Existentialism, and A Bright Future. Wakiyama’s distinctive characters, navigating the celestial world of mortality and planetary travels, took center stage captivating attendees with their brooding narratives. The private opening reception brought together influential figures, industry leaders and art enthusiasts alike cultivating an immersive synergy that resonated with the collaborative essence of Samsung Galaxy and Wakiyama.

As guests delved into the cosmic dreamscape, they embarked on a journey through the intersection of art, technology, and the vast realms of human imagination. This collaboration sparked a collective exploration of uncharted and otherworldly realms epitomizing the transformative power of artistic expression. 


Dede Lovelace, Siiickbrain, Princess Gollum, Shuang Bright, Manuela Soto, Clermont Twins, Bradley Carbone, Gab Bois, Rox Brown, Naomi Yasuda, Lono Brazil.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Samsung


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