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Artist Agnieszka Pestka’s “Agur” Exhibition Arrives in Palm Beach

Starting October 8th, cutting-edge New York City-based visual artist Agnieszka Pestka is taking over Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue throughout October to showcase her latest South Florida-inspired exhibition, “Agur.”

For her creative return to Florida, sculptor Agnieszka Pestka decided there could be no other venue for her latest exhibition than Palm Beach’s paradisal luxury hub, Worth Avenue. Inspired by the Basque word for ‘goodbye,’ Pestka’s “Agur” serves as a dual farewell to the slow retreat of South Floridian Summer, and a greeting to the changing temperatures of Autumn.

Using a collection of etched tri-layer zinc plates sourced throughout Florida, Pestka has curated an exhibition which reflects the delicate and varied beauty of South Florida’s natural resources, creating a larger portrait of Palm Beach’s sprawling landscapes. When pieced together, Pestka’s 16 individually etched plates form a collective story of Florida’s key natural characteristics; from the waves of​ the Atlantic to the verdant, mysterious imagery of the Everglades, “Agur’s” intimate retelling of South Florida’s environmental history is a simply unmissable new gem in Palm Beach’s crown.

At the heart of Pestka's art is a mission to revive the oft-forgotten mastery of etch work, displaying the dedication and craft which goes into each and every zinc plate, which can take weeks at a time to complete. A quick browse through the visual artist’s portfolio showcases the captivating universe Pestka has curated throughout her collections, drawing upon the spirit of freeform unpredictability which Pestka infuses into each of her hammered steel and plate works.

Since her studies at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, Pestka has continuously moved the goalpost for her involvement in both artistry and activism, challenging the conventional boundaries of traditional sculpting to craft art which engages with everything from death to womanhood to animal rights, all of which tied together with a singular theme of questioning the elusive qualities of human existence, as evidenced in her acclaimed New York exhibition, Between Jasmine Flowers.

The eagerly awaited opening of Pestka’s “Agur” is now available for viewing from October 8th through October 27th. As she makes her return to Florida, the sculptor is also in the process of fine-tuning her own personal studio and showroom at her artistic homebase in New York’s Chelsea district, with a grand opening scheduled for late November.

Through displaying the jagged angles and soft, sweeping flora of Florida’s many ecosystems, Pestka has painstakingly constructed a narrative which communicates the rare beauty of the Sunshine State at every turn, allowing audiences of all ages to partake in Pestka’s recreation of Florida’s many tropical faces.

Looking ahead, Pestka will be serving as an artist in residence at Miami Beach’s legendary Art Basel exhibition from December 8th through December 10th, 2023, showcasing her latest collection of zinc-etched plates.

Agnieszka Pestka’s latest exhibition, “Agur,” is now open in Palm Beach, located at Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. To learn more about upcoming installations, or to schedule a viewing of her latest exhibition, please visit Agnieszka Pestka’s Instagram and official website.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Agnieszka Pestka


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