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Introducing Artex by Poliform

Poliform, the esteemed Italian cabinetry and interior design firm, has once again established their mastery in crafting high-performance luxury kitchens with their latest offering, the Artex.

A High-Performance Contemporary Kitchen

This remarkable kitchen, is the quintessential solution for the most exclusive settings, exuding both elegance and sophistication while maintaining the highest level of functionality. A Poliform kitchen is designed to be the heart of the home, an elegant and multipurpose space to be used fully. Cutting-edge technologies and advanced design solutions come together to satisfy the requirements of the liveliest room in the home, in a way that embodies the essence of Italian design.

With decades of design experience since its inception in the 1970s, Poliform combines its history of high-end craftsmanship with its mission to be on the forefront of innovation to consistently deliver a product of unparalleled quality. Together with the company’s promise of using only the finest materials that have been tested for excellent performance, it all results in an experience of refined luxury.

The luxury brand perfected its formula of a achieving a harmonious space by combining clean lines and a natural design flow. In this highly functional kitchen, every detail is crafted to make cooking and entertaining an effortless experience. Artex accomplishes an instinctive use of the kitchen with an exceptionally studied approach to organization, cooking and storage spaces. Its spaciousness and ergonomic design provide for an open and inviting opportunity for entertainment that seamlessly accommodates the most ambitious hosts.

Part of Poliform Kitchen collection since 2011, Artex is one of Poliform’s iconic models, featuring a contemporary spirit that is constantly renewed and enhanced by the finishes. Indeed, the smooth door version of this kitchen offers the greatest variety of finishes, including the most refined ones such as solid Canaletto walnut, solid swamp oak, DuPont Corian® glacier white, scotch brite steel and glass. These finishes add to the overall allure of the kitchen, giving it a touch of luxury and exclusivity.

Today, it became the ultimate kitchen solution for the most exclusive settings, featuring large surfaces and streamlined volumes that showcase the prestige materials used in its construction. The elegant lines of the doors, available in smooth or slatted versions, further enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. The distinctive tapering on the opening, side, and top creates a perfect interface between the elements, combining ease of opening with impeccable aesthetic appeal. The thoughtfulness is evident in every aspect of the kitchen, from the precision of the cabinet doors to the quality of the hardware. It’s a kitchen that is designed to perfection, a work of art that is as functional as it is beautiful.

The Artex kitchen by Poliform is a true masterpiece of Italian design and craftsmanship. The kitchen combines high-quality materials, innovative technology, and sophisticated design solutions to create a space that is both functional and elegant. Poliform’s commitment to craftsmanship ensures that every component of the kitchen is of the highest quality, adding a sense of exclusivity and uniqueness to the space.

Poliform Miami showroom address and phone number:

Poliform Miami

4100 NE 2nd Avenue

Suite 101 - 102

Miami, FL 33137

(305) 573-9950

Online Artex showrooms:

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Poliform


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