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Are There More Accidents Happening in Miami Than in Other Florida Cities?

Miami, Florida is a great place to go joyriding. The weather is usually warm, and the ocean looks beautiful as you glide by on a motorcycle or in a convertible. Miami is popular with tourists, and every day, people that have never visited the berg drive around its well-trodden roads enjoying the town’s attractions and marveling at its beautiful beaches. All of this activity is going to lead to some car collisions, and you may wonder if Miami has more accidents than other cities in the Sunshine State.

Miami does have more crashes than any other city in the state. There were 61,549 car accidents in Miami in 2021, which is an increase over the previous year. If you are looking for a Injury lawyers in Miami, Fl, you are not alone.

What causes Miami to have more accidents than other cities?

One of the factors to which Miami’s large amount of accidents has been attributed is the city's infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers occasionally writes about the condition of roads in American cities. Miami received a grade of C on this report four years ago and did not improve in 2021.

The roads of Little Cuba are in poor condition. Crumbling streets not only cause accidents but also cause damage to vehicles, and a car that consistently drives on crumbling roads can experience steering problems as well as problems with the suspension. If you cannot steer your car properly, It can lead to an accident.

In addition to causing accidents, broken roads can be very expensive for Miami drivers. A driver in Miami can get the damage to their car repaired for a very high price, or they can ignore the damage. A damaged car will often consume more gas. Fuel is very expensive nowadays, and the cost of the additional gas may eventually surpass what repairs would have cost.

What to do If You are Involved in a Miami Accident

Miami has approximately 11.1 accidents per every 100,000 people. Insurance companies in Florida get many claims, and they can be rather tight-fisted when it comes to paying out these claims. It is important to take the appropriate steps and collect evidence after a crash. Remember to:

  • Call the police and wait for them to arrive.

  • Ask for a copy of the accident report.

  • Take pictures if you can.

  • Get the names and numbers of witnesses.

Go to the doctor even if you feel alright because some injuries are not initially detectable. Save all of your medical bills and save the receipt for any medications you take, whether prescription or non-prescription. Ask your employer to document the number of hours and the salary you have lost because of the accident.

Call the insurance company of the party that caused the accident and send them your personal injury claim. When they get your paperwork, they will investigate your claim and accept or deny it based on the investigation. If they accept your claim, they will make you a settlement offer. Be sure to consult with a personal injury attorney before accepting that offer.

Miami is one of America's most beautiful and culturally diverse cities, but some people get distracted by the scenery. Keep your eyes on the road and drive defensively.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Zachary Kadolph/Unsplash


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