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ARCA Debuts Hank Willis Thomas Public Sculpture in Miami

ARCA, the leading purveyor of premium natural stone, wood and tile, is delighted to unveil an original artwork by internationally renowned artist Hank Willis Thomas. As creative worlds converge for Miami Art Week, the new large-scale sculpture entitled Loving Day (Marble No. 1) presents a creative collaboration between leading artist studio and marble producer to demonstrate the vast creative possibilities of natural stone.

Hank Willis Thomas is a conceptual artist working across sculpture, painting, photography and more, and primarily working with themes related to perspective, identity, commodity, media, and popular culture. Loving Day (Marble No. 1) provides an extension of Thomas’ ever-expanding sculptural practice, and the artist’s desire to play with both scale and semi-precious and precious materials.

The new work forms part of the artist's ongoing Punctum series, which is inspired by Roland Barthes’ photographic theory of punctum referring to the detail in an image that pierces or sticks with the viewer, to create a connection between artist, artwork and viewer. Loving Day (Marble No. 1) furthers Thomas’ exploration of gesture-focused sculptures that investigate themes such as individual and collective identity, ambition, perseverance, unity and community.

Loving Day (Marble No. 1) consists of two monumental arms – each approximately 4 ft wide and 7 1/2 ft high – enmeshed in a firm grasp, creating a dynamic statement on relationships, connection and partnership. Thomas translates such gestures of strength and solidarity, reconfirmed by the choice of material, and the weight of physical and symbolic gestures.

"Loving Day (Marble No.1)’ captures a moment of tenderness and affection shared between two individuals, and seeks to immortalize and aggrandize this gesture at a large-scale. By using such durable materials, I hope to portray the couple’s shared affection, and exhibit their strength, both individually and as a duo.” Hank Willis Thomas

With ARCA’s guidance and expertise, Thomas selected Green Levanto and Carrara Marble from Italian quarries that provide a statement of robustness, both materially and gesturally.

Three smaller complementary sculptures will accompany Loving Day (Marble No. 1) on display at ARCA’s showroom. Echoing the beauty and gesture of the principal sculpture, the additional works will comprise Black Portoro and Arabescato, Port Laurent and Giallo Siena, and Lepanto and Gold Onyx respectively. The extraordinary Italian stones produce a cohesive statement of materiality and color expression.

"Through the hands of Hank, our marble has been reborn as an emblem of artistic expression. ‘Loving Day (Marble No. 1)’ not only reflects his unparalleled talent, but also the inherent beauty and versatility of our materials," declared José Fernández, CEO ARCA World Wide.

"Hank Willis Thomas has ingeniously pushed the boundaries of his sculptures, infusing our marble with a vision that is both profound and captivating. This collaboration has given rise to an artistic marvel, illustrating the endless potential of ARCA's materials," claimed Gerardo Cortina Wiechers, Founder ARCA World Wide.

The unveiling of Loving Day (Marble No. 1) will take place at ARCA Wynwood’s showroom on December 7th during Miami Art Week, and remain on view until January 31, 2024. This presentation promises to be a must-see moment of the week, providing art enthusiasts and collectors alike with an opportunity to witness the convergence of two innovative powerhouses.

ARCA Wynwood

260 NW 27th Street, Miami  

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of ARCA


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