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From Miami to The World: Anthony Bold is on a Mission to Revolutionize The Drinking Water Industry, Starting With DRINKWATR

Anthony Bold, the visionary founder and CEO of DRINKWATR, is on a mission to revolutionize the drinking water industry and provide global access to high-quality electrolyte drinking water. As one of Miami’s top business leaders, Bold is making national headlines for his commitment to utilizing and leveraging innovative technologies and processes. He’s not just selling a new water brand, but also offering a lifestyle brand and community that people can experience and interact with everyday.  

Bold is pioneering a new market category in the beverage space called BevTech, by incorporating functional and engaging technology and design elements into every facet of his beverage company.  His ultimate goal with DRINKWATR is to introduce a global public health solution that drives the industry forward and optimizes the quality and utility of daily drinking water in public places. 

Bold’s passion for enhancing the standard of daily drinking water is evident in every aspect of how he runs his business. DRINKWATR’s current mission is focused on developing and introducing innovative holistic solutions that support hydration and wellness. DRINKWATR’s proprietary blend of electrolytes, minerals and filtered water offers customers a daily source of electrolyte support with an 8.8 alkaline pH balance, providing superior antioxidant support. The various minerals in DRINKWATR’s proprietary water formula hydrates consumers and offers tangible health benefits, including reduced inflammation, increased energy, mental clarity, and improved cardiovascular health.

DRINKWATR’s commitment to sustainability is another cornerstone to the company's mission. The company utilizes biodegradable bottles and environmentally friendly corrugated shipping boxes, ensuring that the product balances customer wellness with an impactful environmental effect on the earth. Bold’s decision to not use aluminum is derived from potential negative health effects that can happen with the build up and accumulation of microbes and bacteria, many of which can lead to major illnesses like Alzheimer's. 

In turn, Bold chose the best and safest vessel for his water product that is most conducive to human health and sustainable impact. His interest in balancing human wellness with sustainable business practices drives every single decision at DRINKWATR. 


Since its launch in December 2022, DRINKWATR has experienced remarkable success in the South Florida market, selling to high-end retailers like Equinox Miami, Rumble Boxing and Miami International Airport. 

DRINKWATR is currently available in dozens of retail locations throughout Miami, St. Simons Island, and Atlanta, with expansion plans for new markets happening this summer, which will include Charlotte, Orlando, Aspen, New York City, the Hamptons, Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Nashville, West Palm Beach, and Amelia Island to name a few. This next phase of expansion will embolden the brand’s mass appeal and Bold’s mission to shift and improve the future of hydration.


Access to clean drinking water, particularly in public or rural spaces, is a global problem that has yet to be solved with a scalable solution. In addition, sustainable water resource management is another obstacle that has yet to be addressed. Many public ecosystems have unfiltered and poor water quality– this is a problem Bold will be introducing an advanced global solution later this year that utilizes hardware and software to provide the highest quality drinking water available on the market. This new product solution developed by Bold has never been seen before, and he believes it will lead the industry in sustainability, superior water quality, and water utility.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of DRINKWATR.


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