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Andrés Monnier and Serafini Present “Residenza” During Milan Design Week 2024: A Solo Show During Salone del Mobile with Galerie Philia

Throughout the history of art, programs such as residencies for artists have been crucial to developing a few of the most remarkable bodies of work in human development. As a way of connecting artists of many disciplines, these programs challenge each individual to create works in a completely different environment. A crossover between cultures and knowledge takes place. Each artist is forced to test their skills, experience, and creativity to work on the philosophy of each creation. 

Andrés Monnier (image by Gabriel Gallegos)

For this edition, the Italian stone factory Serafini in collaboration with the acclaimed international Galerie Philia, hosted the Mexican sculptor and designer Andrés Monnier in Vicenza, Italy to create alongside the technology of Serafini, a series of bodies of work using local materials and tools. Monnier created four different pieces using lava stone, as an ode to his culture of origin in Mexico. Volcanic rock has been present in many monuments, handicaps, and historical objects since pre-Hispanic times. Lava stone is one of the most used materials in Mexico. The rocky texture and color offered infinite possibilities in crafts and industrial design. This rock can be found in many places in the world, as in Italy. The four bodies of work created for this residency were a result of the synergy between ancient handcrafting techniques that Monnier applies to create all his works and the advanced technology that Serafini has on their installations with their CNC robotic machines to cut stone. 


“The complete collection is entitled 'CONNEXIO', composed of a floor lamp, a side table, a rock candelabra, and a wall-hanging mirror. Each piece tells a story and invites the viewer to question specific ideas regarding the sociocultural conditionings we are surrounded with and, in parallel, to place in perspective the fact that we humans live automatically once we arrive to this human experience and we are not conscious about our existence,” says Andrés Monnier.

Andrés Monnier

Andrés Monnier, born in Guadalajara but based in Ensenada, Mexico. His purpose is to create sculptural pieces to spread materialized consciousness through the synergy between art, design, and sculpture. Represented by Galerie Philia and as an independent artist, he creates Sculptures, Collectible Designs, Installations, and Functional Art with various stones from all over Mexico. Existing as an artist and businessman, Andrés also works on Curatorial Projects, Installations, and Production alongside his team in Monnier Studio. With studies in medicine, psychology, and industrial engineering, Monnier decided to launch as an artist to interpret universal knowledge through sculpting. Trying to provoke human consciousness, making people question how they feel about a specific topic, and connecting to everyone through pieces seen as sculptural furniture. With exhibitions in Mexico, New York, Milan, and Nice, hand in hand with Galerie Philia, his bodies of work invite us to question the way we perceive our reality. Giving space to perspectivism, and different philosophies that had an impact on human evolution.

Andrés Monnier in Galerie Philia (image by Marmotech)


Serafini is located in a small city named Chiampo (Italy), Internationally well-known for its marble production. Serafini has, with time, transformed into one of the most innovative marble factories, producing extremely design-driven products and objects. History and innovation are both equally gathered at Serafini thanks to its young team and use of advanced technologies. These tools not only allow us to make products that would have been previously unthinkable but also to properly assist both private and commercial clients. Still, craftsmanship and tradition remain strong points that allow us to focus on details. Dynamism, flexibility, and innovation have always been the roots of Serafini in its growth path, aiming at creating customer centricity.



Launched in 2015, Galerie Philia is an international contemporary design and modern art gallery representing emerging and established designers and artists. The gallery is the brainchild of two brothers who share a lifetime passion for art, literature, and philosophy. Their distinct academic background sets them apart from their peers, as it sees them following a rhizomatic and transcultural approach in the way they select works. This involves combining elements from multiple cultures in what becomes a network of harmoniously interconnected roots, ultimately revealing the beauty of each unique creation. The gallery’s non-hierarchical curation sits apart from the ephemerality of trends and focuses instead on the true aesthetic quality of the piece – alluring and timeless. Unlike others, Galerie Philia does not focus on a single style – whether minimalist, organic, or raw – but rather embraces heterogeneity. Galerie Philia has a strong international presence, with galleries in Geneva, New York, and Singapore. In addition to their permanent spaces, the gallery organizes temporary group exhibitions and artist residencies in first-class locations around the world.

Andrés Monnier in Galerie Philia (image by Marmotech)

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gabriel Gallegos, Marmotech & Serafini


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