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An Exclusive Interview with Content Creator Aysha Harun: On Beauty and Elegance and Beyond

Updated: Apr 16

Miami Living Magazine is honored to sit down with Aysha Harun, a remarkable figure in the beauty and lifestyle industry. Hailing from Toronto and now based in Los Angeles, Aysha has been captivating a significant following with her singular expertise in skincare and modest curvy fashion. As a Black, Muslim hijabi, Aysha's influence extends far beyond her professional resumé. Through her platform, she not only shares beauty and fashion tips but also celebrates her Ethiopian culture and promotes inclusivity, diversity, and body positivity. Recognized as one of YouTube's 'Women to Watch', Aysha's commitment to empowering women of color is evident in her every endeavor. From partnering with prestigious brands like Sephora and modernEID, to her philanthropic efforts raising over $100,000 for families in need, Aysha's impact is profound and inspiring. Join us as we delve into her journey, passions, beauty tips, and upcoming ventures in this exclusive interview.

Miami Living (ML): Aysha, it is a pleasure to connect with you. As a hijabi woman of color, your journey from being named as one of YouTube's "Women to Watch" to your current role as a prominent figure in the beauty and lifestyle realm, serving as a voice for a largely underrepresented audience of women, truly stands out.  Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that shaped your path along this remarkable journey?

Aysha Harun (AH): The pleasure is mine! I've been an online creator for over a decade now, but I think my most pivotal moment that really shifted the entire trajectory of my career was when I was invited to be a Featured Creator at Vidcon US in LA in 2017. I was finishing up my last semester in college and had less than 70,000 subscribers on YouTube when I got the invite and it kind of felt like that "I made it" moment for me as a creator. I was the first female Muslim creator to be invited to VidCon, which was really huge at that time, and it felt like all my hard work over the years had finally paid off. It also gave me that final push to take content creation more seriously and ultimately influenced my decision to go full-time and chase my dreams of becoming a successful creator.

ML: How did your journey as a beauty and lifestyle creator begin, and what inspired you to delve into this field?

AH: My journey began when I was only 16 year old. I was a young teen in highschool that loved watching beauty creators like Jackie Aina, Michelle Phan, and many more OG YouTubers. It was also the time I was experimenting more with my makeup and fashion styles as a young hijabi and I just picked up the camera one summer day and recorded a Get Ready With Me. At the time I didn't see anyone that looked like me creating beauty videos so unknowingly I was creating the representation of myself and overtime I was able to grow and foster this incredible community of women who finally felt represented on YouTube.

ML: As an expert in modest curvy fashion, could you share some tips for staying stylish and comfortable during the warmer months of Spring and Summer 2024 while ensuring coverage that stays within one’s comfort zone? How do you recommend incorporating current trends into modest fashion choices?

AH: Sticking to certain fabrics that keep you cool in the summer is key to staying comfortable, but also stylish in the warmer months. This took me a while to master, but linen has quickly become my best friend for the warmer months. It is light and airy, and so breathable and genuinely keeps you much cooler than other fabrics. I love finding tailored linen pieces that compliment my curvy body, but still remain modest. My go-to's for the summer include flowy linen tops with tailored pants, linen blazers and even linen maxi dresses. Layering pieces are also a modest girl's best friend, and my favorite hack - especially for deep v-neck tops or open backs - is to purchase mock neck crop tops with built-in bras to wear underneath my clothing pieces. It minimizes the amount of layers you need to wear, while also providing all the coverage needed for modesty. I also just hate wearing traditional bras and this is MUCH more comfortable.


ML: Your signature two-toned lips have garnered attention and admiration. Can you share some beauty tips specifically tailored for women of color, including techniques for achieving stunning two-toned lip looks?

AH: What's crazy about my naturally two-toned lips is that I use to hate how my lips looked. It was a huge insecurity of mine as it's not entirely common, but overtime I grew to love them. It's like a natural lip liner! When it comes to women-of-color or black women, finding your signature brown lip liner will take you so far! Mine has been Make Up For Ever's Artist Color Pencil in Limitless Brown. It's the perfect deep brown for deeper skin tones and pairs so well with every single lip shade. I always start out with a brown lip liner then fill in my lips with a lighter peachy shade for my signature two-toned lip.


ML: Your philanthropic efforts have made a significant impact, already raising over $100,000 for families in need across Yemen, Palestine, Syria, and Ethiopia. What initially sparked your commitment to giving back, and how do you choose the causes you support?

AH: A huge pillar in the Islamic faith is charity, also known as Zakat, and I always knew I was given this platform for a reason. Not only to inspire women to feel good about themselves, but also to use my platform for good and give back. In 2018 I began a series on my YouTube channel called The Ramadan Daily and since it has commenced, it has continued to be the most engaged period for my audience. In 2019 I was approached by Islamic Relief USA to raise funds for Muslim countries in need of food packages during Ramadan and I was honored to join the movement. That year my community on YouTube  raised nearly $30K and was able to provide thousands of food packages to Syrian refugees. Ever since then I have continued to partner with different Islamic organizations to raise money for food/water in countries of need during Ramadan and it's become a pillar in my Ramadan Daily series. I choose causes based on current need, so for example this past Ramadan I partnered with Human Concern International to raise money for food and medical aid in Gaza and raised nearly $30K for that cause. In addition I also supported Pious Projects and Islamic Relief USA on their For Mama campaigns raising funds for urgent maternal care globally, which as a woman I deeply resonate with.


ML: Looking ahead, what are your goals for the future, both personally and professionally?

AH: This year I'm launching a special product collaboration with a black-owned beauty brand and I'm so excited for that to launch as it's my first makeup launch ever! It is a brand I genuinely love and support and the product is incredible so I can't wait for everyone to try it out! I'm also moving more towards launching my own inclusive modest fashion line in the future so I've been playing around with designs and sample making which has been such a fun process! Definitely lots of exciting things to come so stay tuned on all my socials!

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gabella Photos


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