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Amplifying the Black Community & Tackling Racial Inequality

The USTA Florida initiative, AMPLIFY, was launched with a vision to address racial barriers and inequities in tennis within Black communities. Since its creation in 2020, AMPLIFY has evolved into a program that seeks to empower black individuals, communities, and institutions through the sport of tennis.

Tennis needs more diverse coaches and industry leaders and AMPLIFY has prioritized the development of Black coaches and leaders throughout all levels of tennis. Through mentorship programs, coaching clinics, and professional development opportunities, AMPLIFY has been empowering aspiring Black coaches, leaders, and volunteers, pro viding them with the resources and support they need to succeed. By investing in the next generation of tennis leaders, AMPLIFY aims to foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce across all aspects of tennis.

AMPLIFY has also expanded its scope to encompass a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the tennis community. One of the key components of the program is its support for HBCUs, which play a vital role in nurturing talent and promoting diversity in collegiate tennis.

Through partnerships with HBCU tennis programs, such as Edward Waters University, AMPLIFY has provided crucial financial support, equipment, and resources to help these HBCUs thrive. USTA Florida also plans to educate more people on the history of HBCUs, why they’re important to not only Florida’s history, but also tennis history.

In addition to its support for HBCUs, AMPLIFY has also focused on partnerships with other black organizations in the community. Since AMPLIFY was created back in 2020, USTA Florida has worked with organizations like the American Tennis Association (ATA). The goal for this aspect of the initiative is to determine what services we can offer in a meaningful consistent way and to evolve existing relationships into working partnerships.

Through grassroots programs, clinics, and outreach efforts, AMPLIFY seeks to break down barriers to participation and create opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds to engage with the sport. By bringing tennis to parks, schools, and community centers, AMPLIFY is destined to make the sport more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Over the years, AMPLIFY has evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs of the tennis community. While its core mission remains the same; to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in tennis for black participants, the program continues to innovate and expand its reach. Through ongoing collaboration with partners and communities in Florida, AMPLIFY remains committed to driving positive change within the sport and creating a more inclusive tennis community for all. 

By ML Staff. Content/Image courtesy by Jaret Kappelman, Marketing & Communications Coordinator for USTA Florida


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